Armie Hammer Is Trying So Hard To Make It To The Oscars

Contigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After he missed out on the Independent Spirit Awards, fans have been wondering will Armie Hammer be at the Oscars? The answer to that question appears to be he certainly hopes so. One thing is certain, if the Academy gave out awards for the actor who overcome the greatest obstacles in the last 24 hours to get to the Oscars, then this Call Me By Your Name star would be a shoe-in.

Hammer isn't nominated for an award this year, but he still wants to be at the Oscars to support his co-stars and the rest of the people that made Call Me By Your Name a Best Picture nominee. However, the actor's Oscar prep has taken a strange turn due to a lingering stomach bug that has infected the 31-year-old and his kids. It seems only his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, has been left standing so far, and she's doing her best to take care of her sick kids and husband.

According to Instagram, part of Hammer's treatment included being hooked up to an IV. While he didn't specify what was in the IV, it sounds like it may have been a little extra hydration in order to get him back on his feet before the big night. The Call Me By Your Name actor captioned the photo,

"Oscar prep has taken a strange turn.... thank you @elizabethchambers for taking such good care of me."

Since then, Hammer has shared a glimpse of his Giorgio Armani suit, which looks like a promising sign. He also captioned the image with, "It's go time."

If the actor does make it to the Oscars, then the world needs to know just how much he's been through over the past couple of days in order to be there. It was less than 24 hours ago when Hammer was in bed sipping Pedialyte and eating chicken noodle soup. Even though he was sick, it seems like he still wanted to be part of the Spirit Awards experience, and his castmate helped make that happen.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Timothée Chalamet was FaceTiming with Hammer during the ceremony, and he even turned his phone toward the stage so his beleaguered co-star could watch part of the event. With any luck, the actor was listening in when he received some interesting praise from the show's co-host, Nick Kroll. Kroll told the audience,

"Unfortunately, Armie Hammer can’t be here today, which is probably better because we'd all be staring at him since he's such a god***n hunk. Armie Hammer is so handsome he makes Jon Hamm look like his name should be Tony Bologna."

To be fair, Kroll may have a point. Handsomeness aside though, the best part of the Spirit Awards may very well have been the way that Chalamet totally had his friend's back. Their amazing chemistry is what made Call Me By Your Name such a terrific film, and it makes sense that Hammer would want to be at the Oscars in hopes of seeing Chalamet win Best Actor — especially after the whole FaceTiming thing.

No matter what happens, Hammer has put in a Herculean effort in hopes of going to the 2018 Oscars. His determination is just one more reminder of just how special Call Me By Your Name is. This film not only touched many of the people who saw it, it's also bonded the cast and crew in a major way. They've been showing their support and admiration for one another throughout the award season, and it's been a pleasure to witness their camaraderie.

Win or lose, Call Me By Your Name is a wonderful film, and no one can question Hammer's commitment to supporting it every step of the way. If the actor makes it to the Oscars, then it's because he put all of his energy into getting well enough to stand with his co-stars and crew. And that's just one more reason to love this terrific actor.