Why Eric Would Actually Make A Great Next Bachelor

Micheal Yada/ABC

And then there were three. After a season filled with drama, twists, and turns, Rachel has finally narrowed down her search for love on The Bachelorette to Bryan, Peter, and Eric. On camera, Eric didn't get to spend much time alone with Rachel, but fans have still grown to love him, thanks to his charming personality. As the competition comes to a close and Bachelor Nation begins to ponder who ABC will choose for the following season, a question has likely crossed fans' minds: Will Eric be the next Bachelor? With his background and personality, casting him as the lead wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Eric may have had his ups and downs in the house, but you can't deny he and Rachel really do have a solid connection. He's a bit of a dark horse this season — he flew under the radar not having much alone time with Rachel, but fans of the show instantly fell in love with him after his hometown date, and for good reason. He's charming and caring with a good head on his shoulders. What's interesting is that Eric is a motivational speaker in his personal life, so if he were to be chosen as the next Bachelor, it'd be pretty interesting to see him bring all kinds of positive energy to the show, in spite of the inevitable drama that the series is normally filled with.

And then, there's the fact that after such a historic season of The Bachelorette with Rachel in the hot seat as the first ever woman of color to lead the show, having a black Bachelor gives the franchise another chance to make history. ABC took a huge step in casting Rachel as the Bachelorette, but there's still work to be done in the diversity department across the entire franchise. The majority of the contestants on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise are white, not to mention that after 21 seasons of The Bachelor, fans still have yet to see a black male cast as the lead. After catapulting him into fan-favorite status, Bachelor Nation would surely be ecstatic about the possibility of Eric becoming the next Bachelor.

With all of that said, let's not get ahead of ourselves. According to Chris Harrison, the next Bachelor hasn't even been chosen, and that's likely because some of The Bachelorette's finalists are set to appear on Bachelor in Paradise.

And sure, Eric would make a great Bachelor, but we still don't know who received the final rose from Rachel, and as far as viewers are concerned, he's still very much a member of the competition. It's also possible that Eric will turn out to be Rachel's mystery fiancé, and if that's the case, she is definitely one lucky woman.