Michonne Isn't Leaving 'The Walking Dead' Just Yet

Gene Page/AMC

The core communities of The Walking Dead really can't afford to lose any more people after the Whisperers' attack at the fair. But a season finale usually equates to more death and it's looking like Alexandria may lose its best person. Danai Gurira is exiting the series, so will Michonne be in The Walking Dead Season 10? The Season 9 finale, "The Storm," airs on March 31 and it's safe to say that no one — characters or fans — would be prepared to lose this katana-wielding warrior. But while it's not great news for the AMC show that Gurira will be leaving, thankfully, the Season 9 finale will not be the last that you'll see of Michonne.

When The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news in February, the outlet noted that Gurira will be in Season 10 for what was described as "handful of episodes." These episodes will be interspersed throughout the season, so that makes it seem like Michonne will either be removed from the central storytelling or will be shown via flashbacks — à la Jesus in the second half of Season 9. Yet, that doesn't mean that Michonne will necessarily die. And that's because THR noted that Gurira will most likely join Andrew Lincoln in his three Rick Grimes spinoff movies.

Gene Page/AMC

Rick may be gone, but Michonne and Daryl are acutely aware that they never found Rick's dead body or reanimated corpse. And while they aren't optimistic enough to think he got swept up in a helicopter (although, someone please tell me how no one heard the helicopter), they may have some hope that he'll turn up alive buried deep inside of them. But with Judith and R.J., what could possibly be the catalyst for Michonne to leave Alexandria and go on the hunt for Rick? Well, one theory that popped up after the not-so-calm "The Calm Before" may provide the answer.

The fan theory is that Rick will return in the Season 9 finale via Eugene's radio communications. Before the Whisperers killed Tara, Edith, Henry, and others, Eugene was happily chatting to Rosita about making radio communication between the communities a thing. With this attack from Alpha, the communities uniting and staying in touch will be more essential than ever. And what if when Eugene is tinkering with the radio, he manages to come in contact with Rick? That would be the perfect segue for Michonne to go searching for her long-presumed-dead partner.

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Winter is coming to The Walking Dead for the Season 9 finale and Michonne will be in the "The Storm" in her usual capacity. But maybe when Season 10 comes along, the series will only follow her for those "handful of episodes" as she makes her way to Rick. Michonne solo traveling on the zombie-infested open road would make for some damn good TV (and it would be far, far superior episode than when the Governor did it back in Season 4), Or maybe, the series will show Michonne making the decision to leave Alexandria through flashbacks where she'll seemingly have to leave behind Judith and R.J. Either way, fans are guaranteed to see Michonne a few more times on The Walking Dead after the Season 9 finale.

While a Michonne and Rick reunion is the dream, you may be wondering why Michonne — who is the mother of two — would go after Rick instead of Daryl — who usually thrives as a lone wolf. But Gurira is a g-d Avenger now and is ready to transition to other projects. Yet, if what THR speculated is true, her and Lincoln will be kicking ass together again — which will more than make up for her abbreviated appearance in Season 10.