There's Still Hope For Steve & D.J. On 'Fuller House,' Proving That True '90s Love Can Last Forever

Mike Yarish/Netflix

With Steve being a tad too thirsty for D.J. in Season 1 of Fuller House, his impending marriage to C.J. may have made even reluctant fans start 'shipping this high school couple again. Well, at least that seems to be the show's intention. Spoilers for Part 1 of Fuller House Season 3 follow. As should have been expected, there's some turbulence on the way to Steve and C.J.'s wedding in Japan when D.J. reveals that she still has feelings for Steve in the Season 3 Part 1 finale. While D.J. thinks she is talking to Kimmy, her eye mask gets the job done by allowing her to confess her true feelings to Steve without directly betraying C.J. Knowing what he knows now, will Steve still marry C.J. on Fuller House when it returns for Season 3 Part 2? Based on D.J.'s admission and the history that they share, it now seems more likely than ever that Steve and D.J. will end up together.

With D.J.'s love triangle with Steve and Matt (oh yeah! don't forget about Matt) being a plot point since Season 1, you may be sick of her still being torn between the two men. And while Steve will need to make a big decision regarding his upcoming marriage to C.J. when Season 3 returns, D.J. also will have her own big decision to make since Matt tells Stephanie he's going to propose to D.J. The stakes couldn't be higher and because of that, Season 3 Part 2 is the ideal time to wrap up D.J.'s love drama. While the first part of Season 3 ends with a cliffhanger, thankfully, closure is on the horizon — at least that's what Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin has promised.

In an interview with TVLine before the Season 3 premiere of Fuller House on Sept. 22 (which just so happens to be the 30th anniversary of the original Full House), Franklin discussed the resolution of D.J.'s love triangle:

"We get back into Steve and D.J.'s feelings for each other this season. We wanted to throw some obstacles in their way, which we've done. We also told the audience at the end of Season 2 that D.J. was originally going to choose Steve over Matt, but circumstances didn't allow that to happen. We know where D.J.'s heart is, but Steve doesn't. And I don't think D.J. is fully aware of how Steve may or may not be feeling. That big, messy situation will get resolved in the two halves of the season."

With the first half of Fuller House Season 3 not ending with anything conclusive, Franklin's words are a promise that Part 2 will give fans some closure in the love triangle department. His comment about intentionally throwing obstacles D.J. and Steve's way also seems to indicate that Steve will break off his wedding to C.J. and choose to be with D.J. While that's wholly unfair to Virginia Williams' character, what else did you expect? Steve being with someone so similar to D.J. (it's even in their names, people!) is obviously a reflection of his true feelings. While Williams makes C.J. totally lovable, the main point of her character existing now seems to be to get Steve and D.J. back together in the most epic way possible. How very rom-com of Fuller House.

Plus, Fuller House likes to keep things in the family. With Stephanie dating Kimmy's brother (who wasn't even on the original Full House) and Jackson possibly dating Gia's daughter in the future, there's a concerted effort made by the show to keep the familiar front and center. Steve is the familiar choice that is a hallmark of Fuller House.

Fans will have to wait until the second half of Fuller House Season 3 premieres to know for sure who Steve will pick, but the odds are certainly in D.J.'s favor. So although Steve was unhealthily into D.J. when Fuller House premiered, their time apart was probably meant to prepare you to finally see D.J. and Steve make their high school dreams come true when they're both equally ready.