Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Sent Her The Most Positive Message Just In Time For The New Year

by Tatiana Tenreyro
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection, and in the spirit of looking back, Younes Bendjima shared a sweet message for Kourtney Kardashian on his Instagram Story on Sunday, Dec. 30. The model looked back at his relationship with his ex, and shared various pictures from their time together before wishing her the best.

"Let's not forget about this beautiful woman inside and out. I'm not the type of man that forget [sic] moments like that," Bendjima captioned one photo. "You [sic] an amazing woman and mum and I hope you will find happiness for you and your childrens [sic]." He shared the message on a picture of Kardashian smiling against the backdrop of a sunset. He continued: "It's all love at the end of the day. we don't know what can happen tmw so there you go."

Kardashian and Bendjima split in August after two years of dating. Prior to their break-up, the model faced backlash for his controversial comments on Kardashian's Instagram while they were dating, including one that read "that's what you need to show to get likes?" on a photo of her in a bikini. According to the initial TMZ report, the comments were not responsible for the pair going their separate ways.

Despite their relationship not working out in the end, it’s clear Bendjima still looks back at their time together fondly. But as of Dec. 30, Kardashian isn't following her ex on Instagram anymore, nor does he follow her back. So, this might be his way of trying to patch things up with her, even though she might not even see his heartfelt Instagram Story. Or it could simply represent a moment of reflection as he looks back on his year. Either way, he seems to wish Kardashian nothing but the best. (And for the record, it does seem that they've been in touch since their break-up, despite their IG status. They reportedly had dinner together in September.)

The couple's split came as a surprise to fans, because prior to the announcement, they were pretty much inseparable. In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian revealed that she met the young model during Paris Fashion Week in 2016. "We, like, walked into a bar and Stephanie [Shepherd] was across from me and she kept going, 'This guy's cute over here.' ... He was friends with our friends. He would walk in, say hi, shake hands with, like, our security or whatever, but, like, not say hi to us," explained Kardashian to her sister Khloé, as reported by E! Online. "And then I was like, 'Why do you hate us?' I was just drunk ... Once I said that he literally like grabbed my hand and was like, 'It's five in the morning. We're leaving.' And then the next night Younes was like, 'Bring your *ss here.'"

This trip to Paris coincided with her sister Kim's robbery, which tremendously affected her family. And even before starting the relationship with Kardashian, he was supportive once she received the harrowing news. Bendjima, who is fluent in French because his mom lives in France, also helped Kim out as a translator, according to E!.

Kardashian has yet to respond to his touching Instagram post, but it's nice to see Bendjima still looks back fondly on their time together.