Jelly Nails & 11 Other 3D Designs That Are Taking Over IG

They’re stunning.

by Hilary Shepherd

Daisy-adorned manis and rainbow-colored tips may stand out as some of the year’s coolest nail art thus far, but wait until you see the 3D nails making waves across social media. From bejeweled to jelly, these design ideas will make you do a double take.

Last month, Kylie Jenner showcased an orange water droplet mani on her Instagram. The look can be considered a fun twist on a classic French manicure, with clear bubbles sitting on top of the exaggerated, tangerine-colored tips.

Gina Oh, the nail pro behind some of Cynthia Erivo’s coolest manicures (including her Van Gogh-inspired look at the 2020 Oscars), posted this dreamy iridescent moment in May. The 3D triangular crystals look especially impressive atop the pastel design.

Okay, while not technically a manicure, these jeweled nail rings — showcased by Egon Lab, a new unisex fashion brand based in Paris —  are perfect for the noncommittal (but equally kitschy) person.

3D water droplet nails reappeared on Mei Kawajiri’s Instagram (she’s the force behind Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa’s fierce manicures). The pro titled this design “wet neon” and gave the nail beds a neat ombre effect.

These fruit-themed, 3D jelly nails are so sweet — and perfect for summer. Created by manicure expert Nic Tran of Vex Nails, each nail features a different kind of fruit, from green grapes to a juicy strawberry.

Lizzo’s nail artist Eri Ishizu dreamed up these Kawaii-inspired nails that were spotted on the singer earlier this month. From the pastel blue and pink to the tiny crystals and the iridescent pearls, this was just one of her many amazing manicures.

Look closely and you’ll see what appears to be *two* layers of a hot pink and black tortoiseshell design (or cow print). The transfixing look came courtesy of Michelle Humphrey, the nail artist who works with celebs like Dua Lipa and Priyanka Chopra.

To achieve these shimmery, holographic 3D jelly nails (or what Tran calls “intergalactic pride” nails), the pro wrote that she used a “unique combination of products” from Korean nail brand Icegel, ICYWW.

3D nails instantly become more fun when you add chrome to the mix. This swirl design — featuring shiny gold, purple, green, and silver clouds — was done by Ishizu.

Naomi Yasuda, the nail pro who works with everyone from Saweetie to Madonna, created this rainbow-colored design. Diamond-encrusted jewels correspond with the colors of the tips for an opulent, more-is-more effect.

It’s crystal clear that these glass-like 3D nails should be on your inspiration board ASAP. Done by celeb nail guru Britney Tokyo, it looks as if her client’s fingers were dipped in ice.

The lifted swirls painted along each of the nails add dimension and playfulness to this candy-coated mani, dreamed up by Queenie Nyguen, the go-to nail artist for stars like Amanda Seyfried and Carey Mulligan.

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