Amanda Gorman Proves Headbands Are Officially Back In Style

Her red Prada headband stunned on Inauguration Day.

by Annie Blay
Amanda Gorman proves headbands are the ultimate hair accessory for 2021.

Plenty of sartorial choices were worth noting at this year's Inauguration Day ceremony. There was Vice President Kamala Harris' dress, designed by Christopher John Rodgers; Bernie Sanders' meaningful mittens; and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden's stunning blue getup, to name just a few. Then there was Amanda Gorman's Prada headband, which can only lead to one conclusion: The hair accessory is officially back in style.

As the nation's youngest inaugural poet, Gorman captivated the inauguration crowd with her words of hope and justice. She brightened up the stage in a yellow double-breasted Prada coat paired with a padded red satin headband. And she wasn't the only one rocking the hair accessory: Ella Emhoff, Harris' stepdaughter, echoed the preppy vibes with a thin black headband at the ceremony that held back her curly, center-parted hair.

Both looks are reminiscent of Blair Waldorf's signature style in Gossip Girl — which, BTW, is being rebooted this year on HBO Max, so expect to see more headband inspo soon. And, if you haven't watched Bridgerton on Netflix yet, the ladies pair almost every dress with the accessory. So, from 18th century British high society to mid-2000s private school cliques and now to today's influential crowd, headbands have proven to be a timeless accessory.

If you're ready to take a style cue from Gorman and Emhoff (or, ya know, Daphne from Bridgerton), here are a few finds to copy the look for yourself.

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Padded Headbands

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Gorman stylishly wore her padded Prada headband high on her head to frame her bun. Look for thick, brightly colored options to wear as a statement piece.

Thin Headbands

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For a more subtle way to wear the style, opt for a thin headband that's close to your hair color, similar to Emhoff's Inauguration Day look. It'll keep your hair back while adding a touch of elegance.