How To Rock Bangs With Thin Hair

Spoiler alert: It can absolutely be done.

Bangs for thin hair styling tips straight from the pros.
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You can be going about your day and minding your business when some unbelievably stylish girl with bangs catches your eye. And just like that: Now you definitely want bangs — like, now. It’s a tale as old as time, and, TBH, it’s not as big of a deal to get them because getting bangs is the perfect, not-so-dramatic way to revamp your look — especially when headed into a new season. Depending on your hair density, though, you may hesitate to pull the trigger on them. To help, Bustle called on a couple of hair care experts for their tips for rocking bangs on thin hair. Spoiler alert: It can absolutely be done.

As bicoastal hair pro Juliana Ohlmeyer of Bassia Bassia salon says, “Bangs are so personal.” As in, impulses aside, there’s a lot you’ll want to consider before adding some fringe, such as your face shape, your personal style, and, yes, your hair thickness. If your strands are thin, certain styles of bangs may work better for you, and there are a few styling tips you’ll want to keep in mind to get the most out of your look. Ohlmeyer notes that you may even want to try out clip-in bangs to get a feel for the fringe before you totally commit.

While you’re mulling things over, scroll on for a handful of expert-approved ways to rock and style bangs if you’ve got thin hair.

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Go Choppy

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Hair and makeup artist Keka Heron thinks choppy fringe is best when it comes to rocking bangs if your hair is thin. Her take? Shaggier bangs are a foolproof way to add texture and fullness without the pressure of perfection, which means: going big on the layering.

Use A Round Brush

To add volume and shape to thin bangs, Heron says to use a round brush when styling. “It will be your best friend,” she tells Bustle. More specifically, New York City-based hairstylist Antonio Juarez previously told Bustle that he favors boar bristle round brushes for thin or fine hair — especially the less compacted ones. “A more scattered bristle is best for fine hair because it doesn’t create too much tension or pull on the hair,” Juarez says.

Shampoo Daily (Or Use Dry Shampoo)

Few faux pas are as bad as limp, greasy bangs, and this can definitely be an issue with thin hair — simply because there’s less of it to absorb excess oil. Because of that, Ohlmeyer recommends a daily wash. You don’t have to shampoo your entire head every day, but in the mornings opt for what she calls a “bang bath” where you gently shampoo just your front fringe to keep it looking as full and fluffy as possible. If you’re pressed for time, Heron suggests hitting your bangs with your favorite dry shampoo — only spritz it at the roots.

Avoid Too Much Product

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As mentioned, playing up the volume and fullness is key when it comes to rocking bangs on thin hair. For this reason, Heron says to avoid slathering on too much product because it’ll just weigh down your fringe and make it look even sparser.

Consider Curtain Bangs

For a less bang-y bang that’s perfect for thin hair types, ask your stylist for Bardot/bottleneck/curtain bangs, Ohlmeyer suggests. You may hear a few different names used for basically the same chic style: It’s the one where bangs are on the longer side, usually parted in the middle, and seamlessly melt into the rest of your hair. She says this face-framing fringe is the perfect easy way to add movement, fullness, and “a little sultry body,” to thin hair.