Benefit Just Upped The Brow Game – Again

Plus, four more beauty launches to get excited about this week.

Benefit Just Upped The Brow Game – Again

One simply doesn’t become a prestige brow brand overnight, and Benefit has held that title for years. Top of this week’s top beauty launches is Benefit’s brand new Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Pencil.

If you're the type of person who loves a brow grooming essential, you will likely already be familiar with Benefit Gimme Brow+. The hype-worthy gel is known for fluffing up brow hairs like no other: the angled applicator brush perfectly shaped to coat each and every strand to create volume; the microfiber formula so buildable so you can up the arch ante to your heart’s content. Well, the new Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Pencil does that and more.

Dubbed “the first-of-its-kind,” the volumising brow pencil combines both fibres and powder to add volume whilst filling out and defining brows in a way that looks (and feels) natural. Being a pencil – rather than a gel, say – it is easy to control and the pigment glides onto skin as well as existing hairs, meaning you don’t need to rely on just your brows for volume. (Lucky you, if you can though.) Silk cotton tree fibres create lightweight volume that looks natural and makes brows appear fuller.

Given the heatwave that is heading our way, the 12-hour longer and transfer-proof application also come in handy, too. Better yet, it is available in 12 different shades, ranging from cool light blonde and warm golden blonde, to neutral medium brown, warm deep brown, warm black-brown, and cool soft black, meaning there is a shade and finish to suit your style.

The built-in spoolie on the opposite end is perfect to blend your light strokes whilst also adding shape. And, if you want extra brow wow power, later with Gimme Brow+ eyebrow gel.

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