Birkin Bangs Are The Epitome Of French-Girl Chic

Serve Parisian main character energy.

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Your guide to the Jenna Ortega-approved Birkin bangs trend.
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While bangs of all shapes and sizes are having a moment, Birkin bangs have become the fringe of the summer. Not only do they look amazing when your hair is down and blowing in the breeze, but they also give effortless French girl vibes when your hair’s pulled into an updo.

As one would guess, Birkin bangs get their name from it-girl Jane Birkin, an English actor and singer whose lived-in, extra-chic hairstyle became popular in the ’60s and ’70s, especially after she moved to France. (She’s also the namesake for the famed Birkin bag.) “Jane Birkin has the kind of bangs we all want but are too afraid to try,” says Castillo Bataille, a hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador. They’re straight, blunt, a touch right above the brows — and they look just as cool today as they did in 1969.

If the style seems familiar, it’s likely because you’ve recently spotted them on Jenna Ortega, Ashley Tisdale, Emily Ratajkowski, and Camila Morrone, says Carly Cochrane, an expert at beauty retail platform Cosmetify. “These short, slightly feathered bangs have a classic and timeless quality while also bringing the ultimate cool girl vibe to your ‘do,” she tells Bustle.

Ahead, everything to know about Birkin bangs, including expert-approved tricks for styling them.

What Are Birkin Bangs?

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Birkin bangs are a tiny bit different from your usual blunt or curtain-style fringe. According to Bataille, they land closer to your eyes than bottleneck or curtains and have thinner, wispier ends — making them incredibly wearable.

One of the best things about the Birkin bang is it pulls way less hair forward into the fringe than your typical blunt fringe. Instead, “this technique leaves more texture and dimension around the face,” Bataille says. “This style works well with those who have thin, straight hair, [but] these bangs can be cut into any texture.”

If you’re into the French girl look, ask your stylist for blunt bangs with thinned-out ends à la Jane Birkin, and they should know what’s up. “Also, ask them not to open up the face too much,” Bataille says. “The idea is to keep the bang area tight and flirty to the face. The width of the fringe should stay fairly tight to the eyes and brows, and the ends should be thin and wispy.” The end result will be a squared shape that looks soft and tousled, Cochrane adds.

How To Style Birkin Bangs

The joy of Birkin bangs is that it’s considered a good thing if they look a little piece-y, messy, or tousled. It all adds to the easy, can’t-be-bothered Parisian vibe. “Jane Birkin would let her hair air dry and rake her fingers through it for some movement,” Cochrane says, so feel free to put down the blow dryer and let them be.

Birkin bangs can also be worn in multiple ways. Cochrane suggests brushing them forward for a thicker, full-fringe effect or sweeping them to the side for something more casual. They look great with long messy hair as well a short, blunt cut.

If you're looking to put more effort into your style, she recommends starting with clean, damp hair. Blow dry your bangs with a paddle brush as you direct the nozzle downwards. Add a spritz of dry shampoo or a light texturizing spray to give volume and hold — and then go live your best French-girl life.


Castillo Bataille, hairstylist, Matrix brand ambassador

Carly Cochrane, expert at Cosmetify

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