9 Tattoo Ideas That Capricorns Will Love

This one’s for the sea goats.

Here are Capricorn tattoo ideas & designs for all the sea goats out there, from constellations to th...
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Capricorns are determined, relentless, and have big boss energy 24/7. If you’re a proud member of the sea goat fam — alongside stars like the late Aaliyah, Blue Ivy Carter, Timothée Chalamet, and former First Lady Michelle Obama — then you’re well acquainted with the drive, dedication, and inner goofiness that comes along with having a birthday that falls between December 22 and January 19. And nothing could show off your pride like getting a Capricorn tattoo.

Astrology-inspired tattoos are nothing new, and there are tons of ways to integrate them into beautiful designs. Celebrities like Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and Cara Delevingne have body art that pays tribute to their astrological signs. If you’re a Capricorn sun, moon, rising, or have a significant Capricorn placement in your birth chart, you have an exciting opportunity to celebrate your birthday through your ink.

There’s no shortage of inspiration for Capricorn tattoos. The Cap symbol (a fancy looking “N”) is always a good choice. A sea goat (another classic Capricorn symbol), the ruling planet (Saturn), and a birthstone (like garnet) can create some stunning art you would still love for years to come as well.

Before you make an appointment, check out nine super cool Capricorn tattoo ideas.

The Capricorn Symbol

Keep it simple but not boring with this Capricorn tattoo design. The star and leaf details emphasize the symbol’s beauty.

Matching Hearts

Call your bestie, bae, or loved one and get matching zodiac tattoos. This tiny design is sweet and timeless.


Consider celebrating being a Capricorn with a Saturn tattoo. It’s cool, unexpected, and looks great solo or with a constellation design.

Capricorn Constellation

Constellation designs are great way to subtly shoutout your zodiac sign. Add a floral element to switch it up a little.


If you’re a January Capricorn, this realistic gem stone ink may be the one for you. It’s your birthstone, and it’s a pretty spectacular design.

Garnet Jewelry

Love the idea of permanent jewelry? Check out this garnet design that features the gem in a pendant.


December Capricorns, here’s one for you. Consider a turquoise design like this one that will show off your birthstone.

Sea Goat

A sea goat tattoo is definitely a conversation-starter. Consider a simple design with a twist.

Your Big Three

Why celebrate just your sun sign when you can shout out your moon and rising signs as well? They’re equally as important, and provide an opportunity for a really pretty trifecta.