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Cardi B's Hot Pink Nails Are The Longest Manicure I've Ever Seen

Jealousy drops at midnight.

Cardi B with long hot pink acrylic nails.
Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Shortly after Cardi B rose to fame with her breakout single Bodak Yellow in June 2017, the rapper met her now-husband Offset, marrying him at the end of that same year. Their relationship isn’t without turmoil, as someone with an ear to the gossip might recall, though the pair has worked through every drama-filled headline, coming out on top as a strong couple for their children. Even astrologists agree that the duo is truly meant to be.

As a clear response to their tumultuous past, Cardi B is officially collaborating with Offset to release a single by the name of Jealousy, which has a star-studded music video dropping at midnight in the earliest hours of Friday, July 28. The teaser trailer is giving some serious Legally Blonde, chatting-in-the-nail-salon vibes, with some dialogue that is clearly referring to reports of infidelity throughout their on-and-off again marriage.

While a snippet of the anticipated track has yet to be revealed, it’s her long hot pink nails and signature Cardi glam that has garnered some serious attention (especially for the beauty lovers of the world).

Painted in a very on-trend hot pink lacquer hue that’s all things Barbiecore, all eyes are surely on her acrylic nails — though her dreamy, warm-toned “latte makeup” moment is just as eye-catching.

While the manicurist behind this particular fuchsia nail look is unclear at the moment, the artist has frequently enlisted the help of her loyal nail tech Jenny Bui throughout her vibrant career.

In both the teaser trailer and the single’s cover art, the Invasion of Privacy rapper is also wearing her raven black, mid-length strands with a very Barbie-inspired, vintage-esque flip. And given the context behind the song’s inspiration, it’s perhaps in reference to the housewife trope of the 1950s and early ’60s.