TikTok’s "Cherry Cola Lips" Trend Is For All The Lana Del Rey Girlies

Alexa, play Cherry.

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When it comes to makeup trends of the warm summer months, traditionally, everything typically gets much lighter and brighter. What’s more, bold shades of red lipstick and gloss are sometimes left to collect dust in lieu of more natural bronzed shades, or even the occasional vivid coral for those who prefer a pop of color.

This summer, however, countless trends are defined by a certain darkness that is more siren-inspired and sultry — and not just with regards to lips, but when it comes to hair hues, eyeshadow pigments, fully-flushed blush, and more. And as a certified Lana Del Rey girlie myself: The overall vibe is very much giving big Born To Die energy.

Cherry coke hair, I’d like to formally introduce you to cherry cola lips, otherwise known as the latest TikTok trend to takeover For You feeds and the pouts of A-listers. What’s more, the hashtag #CherryColaLips currently has three million views (and counting).

In short? The look — which has been around for decades — is no doubt reminiscent of red-tinted, brown-hued cola drinks. In line with it’s memorable name, the buzzy lip combo uses a deep brown lip liner on the outer edges of one’s pout, before going in with red lipsticks and glosses for a blended ’90s-era effect.

As per countless BeautyTok creators’ advice, opting for a super long-lasting brown lip liner is key when creating this look. When paired with different shades of red, you’ll want to continue to blend and fill out those lines (especially towards the outer edges) for a truly ombré effect.

If you’re not so much a red lipstick lover, you can tone down the vibe with a more terracotta or pinkish red instead of a more traditional hue. What’s more, a scarlet-tinted gloss will effortlessly sheer out and blur the overall vibe.

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