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Crescent Bags Are All The Rage Right Now

The lunar-inspired trend is one worth shopping.

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Perhaps you stumbled upon this story at random, but there’s a good chance that you Googled ‘crescent bags’ due to their raging popularity at this very moment. From the streets to social media, these sliver-shaped bags have been ubiquitous this summer — everywhere you turn, it seems there’s a new one hanging from the shoulders of your favorite models, celebs, and influencers.

The fashion world has seen this lunar-inspired bag evolve over time. Of course, there was Fendi’s original logo-covered iteration, which they dubbed the Croissant in the late ‘90s and has since been done in a myriad of colors, patterns and materials. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to snag this Dior by John Galliano crescent bag for myself before it sold.

More recently, Staud’s structured Moon bag made major waves when it dropped in 2019. And now in 2022, we have Celine’s chic Ava, Loewe’s curvy Luna, Gucci’s GG Marmont half-moon-shaped mini bag and Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed Loop bag.

One can consider the unique crescent shape an amalgamation of your classic hobo and shoulder bags, a palette cleanser as mini bags fade away and larger totes slowly creep back into relevancy. Either way, these bags are everywhere at the moment, and no two are exactly the same. Some are true crescents, no bigger than a sliver, while others are more of a half-moon shape.

I can hardly say I’m shocked that crescent bags have made a comeback, seeing as Gen-Z and millennials are obsessed with any and all Y2K trends (See low-rise jeans, baby tees, trucker hats, and chunky Avril-inspired skater shoes). The early aughts have a major say in what trends reign supreme in 2022, especially when it comes to accessories.

With that, let’s get you a crescent bag. In the interest of finding you the perfect bag, I’ve selected 25 options, spanning a range of different designs and pricepoints. From a $20 deal on a pink ruched pick by Collection 18, to the Staud staple you can wear forever, keep scrolling to pick your favorite.

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Crafted from brilliant blue faux leather, this Charles & Keith bag has a buttery soft feel. The gold-tone hardware also adds a touch of glamour.


This mini tote in Mocha from Amazon’s The Drop resembles a croissant — minus the pastry’s flaky, delicious exterior.


You really can’t go wrong with a chic croc-embossed vegan leather option. In addition to elegant emerald, this one comes in neutrals like ivory and brown.


Cute and casual, Baggu’s popular crescent bag won’t get ruined if it accidentally gets wet, as it's made of recycled heavyweight nylon with a ripstop lining.


Another trend that’s been taking over is the Barbiecore aesthetic — and this bright pink ruched style instantly Barbie-fies any ‘fit.


Also available in bold taffy pink, the elongated knot accents at the base of this bag’s straps make it stand out from the crowd. The fiery hue doesn’t hurt, either.


What’s not to like about a curvaceous lime green bag with cool chain detailing along the strap?


Simple in structure, yet vibrant in color, I recommend styling this handbag with a baby tee and cargo pants or an oversized button-up and jumbo clogs.


Nail the preppy academia trend with this plaid tweed pick featuring a short chain handle. I have a feeling Cher Horowitz would approve.


This crochet crescent bag is handmade from soft recycled jersey yarn, and features a subtle striped pattern throughout, plus a cool keyhole detail.


Appearing all over the fall ‘22 catwalks, fur accessories are very in. Case in point: this black shearling crescent bag. It’ll serve you well through the fall right into winter.


And here, in all her lunar glory, is the aforementioned Staud Moon bag. It’s leather, with a soft suede lining, and comes in classic colors as well as teal and grapefruit.


I love the texture of this bag, as well as the knotted handle design. Bonus points for the detachable chain shoulder strap.


If you’re a fan of Kelly green — another hue that’s been popping up on my feed a lot this year — this ruched style just may be the bag for you.


For someone seeking a tad more space in their everyday purse, look no further than this adjustable half moon-shaped bag via Universal Thread from Target. It’s available cognac and coral, too.


Co-created with Alicia Keys, this purse is easily adjustable if you want to wear it as a crossbody, and features a playful Barbie pink lining.


For another more casual option that you can rock in different ways, I present to you this unfussy Uniqlo crescent bag, made of dirt-resistant nylon.


This black pebbled leather Michael Kors bag is another one that you can wear as a shoulder or crossbody bag. I stan versatility.


Looking for that statement bag that won’t go unnoticed when you hit the town? Well, this metallic leather fuschia style is that bag.


I honestly can’t imagine stepping out with this electric pink bag and having a bad time. Though it also comes in dark blue and light brown, if the “Barbie Girl” vibe isn't your jam.


If leopard print is your thing, then this is your bag. I’m imagining it styled with a ‘fit featuring clashing prints.


Chartreuse green is a major color trend, but if you’re not into the vibrancy, this sleek bag also comes in aqua blue and a handful of classic neutrals.


A more low-key option made of hand-cut, hand-stitched leather, this versatile half-moon bag is designed to age like fine wine.


Mowalola's signature Bundle bag is considered a cult favorite among fashion girls (Dua Lipa is also a fan of the brand’s trucker hat, so you know it’s cool).


The best part about this bag? The strap includes a cute detachable mini pouch for storing hand sanitizer, keys, lip gloss, etc.


The Rowe mini bag actually debuted as Only Made’s first leather good, and is named for its braided handle design, which is thought to resemble a cornrow.