Demi Lovato Got A *Major* New Tattoo For Their Birthday

It’s inspirational.

Demi Lovato's new hand tattoo made its Instagram debut. The new ink is a sweet lyric with a personal...
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some of the best tattoos hold special meanings — and Demi Lovato’s new hand tattoo is one of them. On Wednesday, Aug. 25, the singer debuted new ink with a very inspirational line from one of their favorite bands on their Instagram stories.

“Love Will Live Forever In The Infinite Universe,” the tattoo reads. The line is surrounded by star, moon, and planet decals and accompanied by a new crescent moon tattoo on their middle finger. They credit the band Beautiful Chorus for the phrase, writing “Lyrics by @beautifulchorus” at the very bottom of the black and white video. The lyric is a line from Beautiful Chorus song “Infinite Universe.”

Fans know that the song means a lot to the two-time Grammy nominee. Days after their 29th birthday, they posted an IG video praising the band and the song. “A song that represents 28 for me would have to be ‘Infinite Universe’ by Beautiful Chorus,” they say. (You can see this video on Beautiful Chorus’s Instagram highlights titled “Demi.”)

The singer also captions the story by giving their tattoo artist a special shout-out. “THANK YOU @_dr_woo for making exactly what I asked for!!! It’s perfect!!!,” they write as they move their hand from left to right, showing off the new ink.

Lovato is celebrating a lot recently. Not only are they celebrating turning 29, but they are also celebrating the debut of a new music video for their newest single “Melon Cake.” So far, 29 seems to be looking good for them.

So if you’re debating on what type of tattoo you should be getting, take a cue from Lovato and make it personal. If it means a lot to you, you (hopefully) won’t be regretting it years from now.