5 Genius Hacks For Fine Hair, Straight From Kim K & J. Lo's Go-To Stylist

Pump up the volume.

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Whether they’re on the job or relaxing on vacation, everyone in Hollywood seems to have thick, voluminous hair. But it’s not that there’s some magical “celebrity hair gene” that’s inaccessible to non-famous folk. The reason why most of your favorite stars have full hair (or appear to, at least) is because they have pros — like celebrity hairstylist and Color Wow global creative director Chris Appleton — who have tricks for making fine hair look fuller.

Known for styling stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, and Ariana Grande, Chris Appleton is the mastermind behind some of your favorite celebrity hair looks. (Kim’s mile-long Met Gala ponytail? J. Lo’s epic Super Bowl waves? Yup, both hairstyles were Appleton’s work.) The expert’s DIY-friendly tutorials have gone viral on TikTok for good reason. They’ll help you add an extra dose of volume (and drama) to your everyday hair looks.

For more easy tips and hacks for fine hair that create the illusion natural volume, Bustle tapped Appleton for more hairstyling secrets. From a trick that creates the look of a thick ponytail (without extensions) to a simple method for filling in sparse spots around your hairline, read on for five ways to make fine hair look fuller.

Try Appleton’s Viral Ponytail Hack

Are your ponytails lackluster, no matter how much teasing you do? Allow Appleton’s TikTok-viral ponytail hack to change your life.

In the video, the pro splits the model’s hair into two sections and secures one with a hair tie. Then, he divides the bottom section into two, and ties it on top of the first ponytail. The result is a full, bouncy pony that could rival Ariana Grande’s — no extensions needed.

Fake A Fuller Hairline

Another one of the stylist's go-to tricks for fine hair is using a product like Color Wow’s Root Cover Up around the hairline and part to fill in any visible areas of scalp. "Apply the powder in the shade that best matches your hair color using the precision application brush to add instant depth and dimension," Appleton tells Bustle. "This will transform any hairline from looking sparse to full in seconds."

Focus On Your Roots

When it comes to applying products, Appleton notes that it’s all about the roots. “Start with damp hair and apply a volumizer all-over, focusing on the roots,” he says. After blowdrying and adding Velcro rollers, Appleton says to brush out the curls for “Hollywood-style volume.”

Braid Your Hair Overnight

Sleeping in braids can give fine hair some extra fullness without using heat. “Separate hair down the middle into two sections and spray Color Wow’s Cult Favorite hairspray from middle to ends,” Appleton explains. “Braid each section into a low, loose braid before going to sleep.” In the morning, just unravel and finger-comb your strands for easy, voluminous waves.

Use A Thickening Spray

Don’t have a lot of time for hairstyling? For fast volume, Appleton says to spritz dry roots with a thickening and lifting spray. “Next, take a large round brush, wrap the front pieces around it lifting upwards and away from the face, and apply heat for a few seconds,” he says. “The results will fully change the texture of your hair and provide you with glamorous, flexible volume right at the root.”

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