The £11.99 Acne Busting Treatment Florence Pugh Swears By

It will be the star of your skincare routine.

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The £11.99 Acne Busting Treatment Florence Pugh Swears By
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We all know the feeling of despair of waking up to a big pimple on our face, especially when we’ve planned an outing that night. Some might frantically reach for salicylic acid or serums packed full of niacinamide, which are both full of blemish-busting ingredients. Actor Florence Pugh, on the other hand, swears by pimple patches.

The 26-year-old, known for her roles in Midsomer, Little Women, and Black Widow, shared her love for her favourite spot stickers on Instagram Stories on April, 25. “I should thank my spot stickers in my credits because I truly thank them daily,” she wrote. The spot stickers in question are none other than Starface’s Hydro-Stars, the affordable pimple patches that are made with 100% hydrocolloid, a moisture-retentive, compounded mixture of natural polymer particles. Its star (pun intended) ingredient works by drawing fluid from your pimples while reducing inflammation to help shrink your spots overnight.

This acne-treatment is perfectly designed to grip the contours of the face, all while shielding your spots from outside bacteria to help them heal faster. The Hydro-Stars also help you avoid picking at your spots, which reduces scarring. What’s more, the Hydro-Stars are available on the high street and cost just £11.99.

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The patches are designed to be used at night for best results, but with its cute design, it can be worn throughout the day for a bold beauty look. The classic Hydro-Stars also come in a colourful rainbow design, as seen on Pugh’s Instagram Story. The rainbow patches were created by Starface as part of its commitment to protecting and uplifting Black lives and the LGBTQ+ youth. All proceeds from the Rainbow Hydro-Stars sales in the U.S. are donated to the Black Led Movement Fund and the Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBTQ+ youth.

Instead of getting frustrated about that unwanted chin spot, you can pop a Starface pimple patch on the blemish and watch it work its magic throughout the day without having to cancel your plans. Shop our favourites below.

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