The "Spicy" Fall Lip Colors That Hailey Bieber Can't Wait To Wear

Bring on the sweater weather.

by Hilary Shepherd
Hailey Bieber' favorite 1900s inspired fall lipstick colors and beauty trends are perfect for transi...
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hailey Bieber might be busy with her YouTube channel (a must-follow if you want to watch her make mac and cheese with Kendall Jenner or play musical Pictionary with Justine Skye), living her best life with husband Justin Bieber, fully enjoying summer, and so much more, but she always has time for beauty. Case in point: her recent Instagram post about her Monday hydration plans, in which she sports what appears to be zit cream (relatable), a messy pony, and a big glass of ice water. To say that she’s a skin care and makeup enthusiast is a major understatement, and naturally, Bieber already has a jumpstart on her fall beauty plans.

The 24-year-old model and Bare Minerals clean beauty ambassador revealed to Bustle that while she’s not following many of the current fall beauty trends very closely, she’s excited to trade in her cheery, holographic eyeliner and sweet, daisy-themed nails for a moodier look come colder weather. “When it comes to fall and winter and holiday times, I get a little bit more spicy with a lip,” she says, adding that she specifically plans to experiment with “a nice merlot color, a burgundy, or a cool ‘90s brown lip.”

Bieber loves to pull from the 1990s — she revealed exclusively to Bustle that it’s her favorite decade for both fashion and beauty inspo — so it’s no surprise she has brown lips on her fall 2021 mood board. (As makeup experts predicted, the shade has become one of the most popular lip colors of the year.)

When it comes to nails, well, let’s just say the model is as enthusiastic about her manicure as she is about her makeup and dewy complexion. “I get very into seasonal nail colors and designs,” she says. For fall, she’s looking forward to a similar color palette featuring deep reds and browns. “I love coffee-toned colors in the fall,” she adds. (Like brown lipstick, mocha-colored tips are going to be all the rage come autumn, nail artists say.) And like a true beauty aficionado, Bieber already has her sights set on a specific winter nail color: hunter green. Expect it to start trending in the next few months.