Considering A Nose Piercing? Here's What It'll Cost You

It’s a two-part answer.

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When it comes to upgrading your aesthetic in a subtle but distinctive way, a nose piercing ranks somewhere between dyeing your hair and getting a tattoo. There’s a type of nose piercing out there for everyone, too – some, like a delicate nostril stud, add just a hint of sparkle while bold septum rings and even double-pierced nostrils are full-on head-turners. Like all major endeavors, though, one of the first things to consider is prices — how much does a nose piercing cost, anyway?

As it happens, the answer isn’t so cut-and-dry. While there’s certainly a bit of a commitment involved when it comes to the aftercare process, the fun of a piercing is in its versatility. You can find nose jewelry in just about every color, finish, shape, material, and style imaginable, and it’s easy to switch out, making this piece of body art infinitely customizable. Go for something refined and classic one day, then swap it for an ultra-trendy statement piece just in time for a night out. And when (or if!) you decide you’re over it altogether, you can just take the jewelry out and let your nose piercing close up.

That’s what makes figuring out the exact price of a nose piercing so tricky – there are plenty of variables that can make costs differ quite a bit. To help make sense of it all, Bustle tapped Cassi Lopez-March, owner and head piercer at So Gold Studios in New York, for intel on exactly what to expect price-wise.

The Nose Piercing Cost

Like piercings of all types, the cost of a nose piercing is split between the act itself and the jewelry. According to Lopez-March, it’s the jewelry that can really run the cost up. In general, you can expect to pay between $30-60 for the nose piercing itself. The price might trend higher depending on the studio, the piecer’s experience level and prestige, or if you’re opting for an especially complicated style, like a rhino piercing. At Lopez-March’s So Gold Studios in Brooklyn, NY, all piercings run $40 flat not including jewelry, and she shares that the most popular type of nose piercing is a classic nostril stud. “That will always be in style,” she tells Bustle.

The Jewelry Cost

When you first get your nose pierced, your jewelry options may be a bit more limited in style selections just due to the nature of the piercing itself. After all, a piercing is technically a bodily puncture wound — so it’s critical to heed your piercer’s professional instructions. For example, most people who get their nostrils pierced are looking to wear rings or hoop-style jewelry but need to stick with studs first to allow the piercing to heal, Lopez-March explains. “We don't start them with rings since healing can be pretty difficult for most people,” she tells Bustle.

Luckily, the quality, threadless jewelry of the studs can be worn in the ears once you can finally wear a nose ring — though you should expect that healing process to take several months. Once you do have the green light to wear any kind of jewelry, the options are limitless. “Standard implant-grade jewelry can start around $40,” Lopez-March says, “but gold and other fancy gemstone pieces can easily range from $500 to upwards of thousands. It entirely depends on your aesthetic!”

The Aftercare Cost

Once you’re all paid up at the studio and have your jewelry of choice, your cost investment pretty much ends there. In lieu of the fancy healing balms and piercing-specific salves available on the shelves, Lopez-March says it’s best to stick to the less-is-more philosophy. “A good rinse in the shower will do just fine,” she says. If you feel your piercing needs a little more attention, she recommends a standard sterile saline wound wash, a staple you can grab at any drugstore for around $5. “Ideally,” Lopez-March explains, “you just want to irrigate the area and let your body do its job.”

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