10 TikTok Makeup Hacks That'll Help You Apply Foundation Like A Pro

Ace your base.

Not sure how to apply foundation? Here are 10 TikTok beauty hacks that will help you get the best re...

From finding the right products for your skin tone to blending until your arm starts to ache, foundation application can be a challenge. And even once you find a flawless shade and have it perfectly applied, there’s no guaranteeing that it’s going to stay in place (especially if there’s humidity or sweat involved). Enter, TikTok — a makeup hack mecca with tons of tricks to help create the perfect foundation shade, blend your complexion products better, make your foundation last all day long, and more.

Of the hundreds, scratch that, thousands of #foundationhacks floating around TikTok, there are some really fun techniques to experiment with. Scrolling through app is pretty mesmerizing. Some videos show creators turning their faces into Jackson Pollock pieces to create a perfectly matched, customized foundation shade. And if you thought you knew how to apply foundation, there’s another creator who actually blends hers with a balloon (yes, you read that right, a balloon).

Whether your goal is to get a smooth base that doesn’t emphasize any fine lines or dry patches or to make a mismatched shade work, these tips and tricks might be worth giving a try. Read on for 10 TikTok foundation hacks that will upgrade your makeup routine.


Best For: Foundation That’s Too Orange

This hack shows you how to tailor a not-so-perfect shade into a much better match. The creator uses a blue color corrector to neutralize a foundation that’s too orange. Genius.


Best For: Preventing Your Foundation From Creasing

It’s very common for foundation to crease throughout the day. This user hydrates first, uses e.l.f.’s Poreless Putty Primer, and then puts dabs on extra powder to prevent it from happening.


Best For: Making Foundation Last Longer On Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, this is the hack for you. Starting with your setting powder instead of your foundation — it will help create a smooth, even, and matte base. Another bonus: It’s also fab for making your foundation last longer and minimizing the need for blotting throughout the day.


Best For: Getting A Dewy Finish

Save yourself some time and combine steps like this creator. She mixes a gel-textured smoothing primer with foundation before applying, and it gives her complexion a glowy finish.


Best For: Color Theory Experts

This hack requires you to channel your inner artist and spend a little extra time on your look. The creator paints on red, blue, yellow, white and black dots and — shocker — it actually blends into a hue that’s a perfect match for her skin tone.


Best For: Setting Foundation On Oily Skin

This is another hack for those with oily skin. The user mixes a little setting powder in with her foundation for a result that’s completely shine-free.


Best For: Dry Skin

Finally, a TikTok foundation hack for dry skin. Mix your favorite moisturizer with your foundation to create a super hydrating hybrid product. Apply with a beauty sponge for an extra dewy effect.


Best For: Saving Product

Is applying your foundation with a balloon a little over the top? Sure — but it also looks like it actually works. Plus, the creator notes that this hack might save you some cash since the balloon does absorb any product as it’s blending.


Best For: Fans Of Contouring

This technique rolls your foundation, concealer, and contour steps all into one. The TikToker, Christen Dominique, swipes on all three products, and then she blends them all seamlessly.


Best For: Achieving A Natural-Looking Finish

Makeup artists like Jackie Aina have raved about applying your complexion products in reverse, claiming it helps blend the products better and create a more natural finish. Start with a cream or liquid blush and blend. Then apply your contour, concealer and highlight. End with foundation and enjoy a lit-from-within glow.