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Whether it is that game-changing air fryer or your magical kitchen organization system, the things in your life are pretty freakin’ awesome. And for those purveyors of the latest and greatest cool sh*t on Amazon, there are serious deals to be found. From a color-changing shower head to a two-in-one clock fan that is powered by your computer, the products I’m talking about elevate what it even means to be “awesome.”

But if you’ve already won the title of “friend with the coolest stuff” in your friend group, your benchmark for the sickest things on Amazon is pretty high. So let me introduce you to some of the most genius inventions you don’t already own. The items below run the gamut, and can revolutionize the way you sleep, eat, drive, and even use your bathroom.

On this list you’ll find a couch accessory that turns your sofa’s arm into a glorified coffee table, and a motion-activated toilet light that illuminates your bathroom at night. There’s a Bluetooth-compatible karaoke microphone that syncs with your technology to turn your home into your own personal karaoke bar. And, did I mention the magical mirror that never fogs up in your shower?

If you love awesome sh*t, you’re in for a ride. So many of the life-changing Amazon products below are instant add-to-cart’s.


A Roll-On Charcoal & Clay Mask For The Glowiest Skin

Some masks have a daunting application process but with this easy, roll-on clay stick mask, you can revitalize your skin without the hassle. The Kaolin clay and white charcoal work to deep-clean pores and remove dead skin cells. Wash it off after 10 minutes for fresh, radiant skin. “This is so easy to use! I love the rub on feature and not having to get on your hands dirty,” one shopper noted, adding, “After washing it off my skin feels so smooth!”


Some Sea Salt Texturing Spray For Perfect Beach Hair

Whether you want to add a little volume to your straight locks or you have curls in need of some definition, this sea salt texturing spray is a total must-have, especially since it’s only $10. Formulated with argan oil and sea kelp, it promises to nourish hair while it styles for that effortless beachy look. One fan raved: “I love the way it leaves my hair soft and manageable without any stickiness.”


An Electric Callus Remover For An Ultra-Affordable At-Home Spa Treatment

This affordable electric foot grinder removes calluses and dead skin for the softest, smoothest feet ever. All you need to do is select one of the three grinding head attachments (each one is designed for a different “level” of callus, from small to hard). Then the vacuum functions to suction up all the flakes so you have a hassle-free cleanup. And thanks to its lithium battery, it can run for 120 minutes before needing another charge.


A Cult-Favorite Electric Hair Remover That Works In & Out Of The Shower

The Brori electric hair remover has amassed a cult following on Amazon thanks to its ability to work both in and out of the shower to shave everything from your armpits to your bikini line (and more). Its trio of hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are designed for sensitive skin and there’s even a built-in light for detailed hair removal. Charge it up using the included USB cable or stand and it promises to run for 60 minutes of shaving.


A WiFi Extender That’s A WFH Must

This aesthetically pleasing WiFi extender provides an additional 800 feet of coverage, which means you can work virtually anywhere in your apartment or house — from bed to balcony. Installation is as easy as pressing two buttons and you get an uninterrupted, lag-free signal. “Would give it 6 stars if I could,” one shopper gushed. “My bedroom is the basement of the house, so the wifi just barely reached, and has a very weak signal. This extender is a life saver. It took maybe 2 minutes to set up, the hardest part was getting it out of the box!”


A Genius Electric Can Opener With 21,000 + Five-Star Ratings

The Kitchen Mama electric can opener is a fan-favorite on Amazon — it has more than 21,000 perfect five-star reviews — and it’s easy to see why. Using it is as easy as tapping the button, letting it seamlessly cut 360 degrees, and then turning it off. Unlike a traditional can opener, you don’t have to worry about sharp edges or incomplete cuts. The entire operation is powered by four AA batteries (not included). Choose from four different colors, from blue (featured) to minimalist white.


A Two-Pack Of Smart Outlets With Voice Command

The Gosund WiFi outlets are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can turn on your bedside lamp or office fan by simple voice command. You’ll also be able to set convenient timers and control your devices from your phone, anywhere, thanks to the corresponding free app. One fan reported, “I was able to set this up in less than 5 minutes, and then set up a schedule for the outlet on my phone.”


A Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser That Suctions To Your Wall

Cluttered vanity? Enter this multipurpose bathroom organizer that can house several toothbrushes, gargle cups, and — thanks to the shelf on top and front drawer — all of your cosmetic items. It also comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser so you don’t have to hassle with a messy tube. Installation is a cinch too — it suctions onto your wall without leaving any marks.


A Compact USB Desk Fan That’s Also A Clock

When you have limited workspace, the last thing you need is to add a fan and a clock into the mix. But thanks to this smart USB desk fan with LED lights, you get both in one tiny package. The fan has soft blades and a flexible neck and the clock function keeps time even when turned off. “It works so well and is perfect for anyone who works in an office that is warm,” noted one shopper. “Definitely in the top 10 of the best purchases I have made on Amazon!”


A 4-Pack Of Trackers So You Never Lose Your Keys, Phone, Or Remote Again

For those who are always rummaging around looking for the remote or misplaced keys (yeah, most of us), these seamless item trackers solve the problem. You get four “nut finders” that attach to whichever items you tend to misplace, and then you simply pair those to your phone via Bluetooth. Next time one goes missing, hit the “Call” function and music will play to help you locate it in a flash. You can also use the app to find the last recorded map location.


An Affordable Fitness Tracker That’s Sleek & Stylish

Track your steps, plus other sport activity, with this pretty fitness tracker from KALINCO. You’ll also be able to monitor your heartbeat, sleep patterns, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. Still not sold? It also has a timer, a weather feature, and five brightness levels to adjust for easy viewing in any condition.


A Pocket-Size Charger For Powering Up 3 Devices At Once

Not only is this power bank ultra-compact, it’s also designed to charge up to three devices at once thanks to its three USB-A ports and one wireless charging option. It’s compatible with most tablets and smartphones and promises to deliver multiple charges per device thanks to its large battery. Plus, it has a built-in flashlight.


A Smart Light Dimmer That Shoppers Say Works “Flawlessly”

This best-selling Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer lets you control your switch from afar with the Kasa app or with voice command — it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home. It boasts a “gentle off” feature, as well as the ability to be programmed for different schedules and “scenes,” which are tailored levels of brightness for say, bedtime or wake-up time. “Easy install, flawless performance,” one shopper reported, “I can't say enough good things about this product. [...]We use it with our Alexa and have had zero issue with it. The response time is great, the dimming options are great. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a smart switch.”


A UV Bug Trap That Banishes Fruit Flies, Mosquitos, & Gnats

This isn’t your average bug zapper. Equipped with radiation-free UV light to lure in the bugs and a powerful fan to suck them up, the Intelabe indoor mosquito trap is perfect for treating your nighttime bug problem without any chemicals or sprays. It even has a timer that can be set to three time periods of operation for energy savings (5 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours).


These Wireless Earbuds That Are Sweatproof & Actually Comfy

For long-lasting earbuds that don’t feel uncomfortable for hours of wear, these sweatproof MIFA earbuds are just the thing. They offer up to five hours of use on a single charge but you get an extra 25 hours of playtime using the charging case (the case even shows you how much juice you have left). They’re ultra-lightweight and ergonomically designed for a fit that feels seamless.


A Ring Light With 2 Adjustable Tripods For Gorgeous Lighting Anywhere

No matter what angle you need lit, this ring light and tripod set has you covered. The rotating tripod head can be adjusted 360 degrees and the two included tripods — one for the floor and one for a desk — are both totally adjustable. You can even disassemble the tripod to use it as a selfie stick to go. The ring light itself comes with three color modes and 11 brightness settings.


A Bluetooth Karaoke Mic With A Near-Perfect Amazon Rating

Backed by more than 12,000 Amazon ratings, this wireless karaoke microphone is a real fan favorite. It features LED lights for a little extra flair and powerful sound quality. It can even be used as a speaker or recorder. Charge it back up with the included USB cable. “The mic is heavy and feels like a “real” mic and was super easy to connect to my iPad via Bluetooth,” one fan raved. “Adjusting the settings to singalong is very simple. Tip: use YouTube to find karaoke-style songs to sing-along (or songs with lyrics).”


A Magnetic Phone Car Mount

For anyone who likes to use their phone’s GPS while driving, this magnetic car mount attaches easily to your vehicle’s air vent and then holds your phone securely using the power of magnets. In fact, it has six magnets to ensure your phone never falls off. The phone mount is compatible with most phones and mini tablets.


A Portable Safety Alarm That Totally Beats Pepper Spray

Whether you’re running at night or using public transportation at off-hours, this personal safety alarm promises to keep you safe when you feel threatened. When activated, it will flash lights and blast a jet-engine-level sound blast that will last for a continuous 40 minutes before the battery wears out. To silence it, simply put the pin back in place.


A Smartphone & Tablet Stand With A Built-In Speaker

Whether you’re Facetiming, watching videos, or reading, this innovative tech stand allows you to use your phone or tablet hands-free. It doesn’t just hold your device either — it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and microphone for upgraded sound quality. Use it with any phone, tablet, or e-reader measuring between 4 and 13 inches.


A Tiny Vacuum Cleaner To Cleanup Keyboard Messes

There’s an easier way to remove the crumbs and dust than shaking it over a trash can and hoping for the best. The next time your keyboard (or desk, vanity, and so on) could use a cleaning, whip out this miniature vacuum cleaner instead. It can run up to 2.5 hours on two AA batteries and makes cleanup a breeze.


A Motion-Activated Night Light That Attaches To Your Toilet

A night light is an easy upgrade for any bathroom, and this ToiLight light is actually motion-activated for extra convenience. It lights up in eight different colors, and it can be installed on any toilet bowl. One reviewer described, “This little thing helps you to feel comfortable in a dark without burning your eyes.”


A Pack Of Lids To Keep Canned Drinks Fizzy

Canned drinks typically don’t keep well, but these brilliant can lids can change that. They slip onto the top of your can to help prevent carbonated beverages like soda or beer from going flat — and they are leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about irritating drips along the seal. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe.


A Phone Holder To Watch Shows In The Shower

If you’re a multitasker, you might just appreciate this waterproof phone holder, which lets you watch TV or movies in the shower. It can fit phones measuring up to 6.8 inches. According to one reviewer, it’s “such an easy thing to have and a great way to jump start your morning without buying an actual TV for your shower.”


A Tiny Camera To Monitor Your Home

Amp up your home security with this miniature camera with motion detection. Plus, unlike other home security systems, you don’t need to worry about investing in any kind of data subscription — just pop in the included 32G micro SD card in it, and you’re good to go. It has night vision, too.


A Compact Humidifier To Help Combat Dry Air

If air conditioning or radiators draw all of the moisture out of the air in your home, give this cool mist humidifier a try. It has a streamlined design that makes it easy to tuck onto a nightstand or desk. Simply turn the dial knob to find the right mist setting for you, and it’ll run for up to eight hours at a time. An automatic shut-off feature ensures that it doesn’t run when the tank is empty.


A Cooling Blanket For Warm Nights (& Hot Sleepers)

Calling all hot sleepers — this cooling blanket is designed to draw heat away from your body. One fan wrote, “Perfect for summer nights the blanket is very comfy and definitely keeps you cool. I used to wake up in sweat but now I wake up feeling cool and refreshed.” Choose from four sizes and three colors.


A Gadget That Fills Bananas With Your Condiment Of Choice

The next time you’re rummaging through your pantry for a sweet snack, grab this Banana Loca gadget and use it to fill a banana with peanut butter, honey, or your other favorite condiment. The coolest part? You don’t even have to peel the banana first, so it doesn’t make a sticky mess.


A Transmitter That Upgrades Car Audio Systems To Bluetooth

If your car’s stereo system isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, it can be a challenge to connect it to your phone to play music or podcasts. This Bovon transmitter solves that problem by plugging into the cigarette lighter and connecting it to the stereo via an aux cable or FM frequency. Plus, it has a built-in microphone so you can make hands-free calls, as well as two USB-A and one USB-C ports to charge all of your devices on the go.


A High-Pressure Showerhead With Color-Changing Lights

This high-pressure showerhead isn’t your standard shower fixture. It features built-in LED lights that turn green, blue, or red depending on the temperature of the water. Plus, It also has cool “bio-active stones,” which the manufacturer specifies can help filter and adjust the pH of the water. On top of everything else, it’s battery-free.


A Sleep Mask With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

Like to fall asleep to music, audiobooks, or podcasts? This innovative sleep mask should do the trick. It has an ergonomic contoured design and built-in Bluetooth headphones that lay flat against your head for extra comfort. It’s rechargeable, and it can last over 10 hours on a single charge. One fan wrote, “I am getting the best sleep! This mask is very comfortable, blocks light and perfect to listen to relaxing music.”


An Easy-To-Install Lock To Add Extra Security To Your Door

With more than 2,300 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon, this two-pack of security door locks is a solid bet. Install it with the included screws to upgrade your home’s current locks to one that can hold up to forces equivalent to up to 800 pounds. One fan wrote, “No one can open this lock unless they cut the entire door with a chain saw. This lock is super solid! Genius whoever designed it.” According to reviewers, the lock is also great for keeping little kids from opening the door from the inside, too.


These Lights For Transforming A Basic Mirror Into A Vanity

Get the old-school vanity look at a fraction of the price by adding these USB-powered lights to any mirror. The lights offer 16 different modes, including different colors and brightnesses. One user reported, “It is very simple to adjust brightness and change to different types of lighting of your preference.”


These String Lights That Attach To Your Patio Umbrella

If you love spending time in your outdoor space, check out these special LED fairy lights, which are specifically designed to attach to the underside of your umbrella. To install, just wind the string lights around the frame of any umbrella measuring between 6 and 10 feet, pop three AA batteries into the IP65-rated waterproof battery box, and use the remote control to turn them to your desired setting. Easy peasy.


A Pack Of Solar-Powered, Motion-Activated Outdoor Lights

These solar-powered outdoor lights make it easy to illuminate your yard, deck, or driveway, according to reviewers. Each weather-resistant light features a steady on setting as well as two motion-sensor modes, which automatically turn on or brighten the light when they detect activity. One user wrote, “This is exactly what I needed to light up my backyard so we can take my dog out. It also helps to scare off some of the critters that tend to roam around and damage my yard at night.”


A Versatile Canopy With UV Protection

A sun shade sail is a great way to provide some coverage from the sun. The canopy’s strong polyethylene material blocks up to 95% of UV rays, and it comes with four ropes (measuring 5 feet long) to help you install it wherever you need some shade. It’s available in four colors and 13 sizes.


A 2-Pack Of Hanging Clothes Drying Racks

If you need a surface for all your “lay flat to dry” clothing, this two-pack of clothes drying racks has six surfaces (three per rack). The strong hooks mean you can use these indoors or out, and each tier is made of a breathable material so your laundry will dry faster than ever.


These Sticky Bug Traps For Your Windows

If the bugs are driving you crazy, you need these bug traps, which stick to your windows instead of taking up space in your home or requiring the use of chemicals. When bugs land on your window, they’ll stick to the traps, which you can remove when you’re ready. “Excellent way to get pesky flys and other obnoxious flying things. These things are easy to put in the window, and you don't even notice them,” wrote one happy Amazon reviewer.


These Unbreakable Stainless Steel Tumblers

With a durable design you couldn’t break if you tried, these stainless steel tumblers also do a great job of insulating your beverage of choice so it stays chilled for longer. And, this set of four tumblers comes with a lifetime guarantee should you run into any problems with your set. Each double wall-insulated tumbler can hold 12 ounces of liquid, so you can bring your iced coffee, a glass of wine, or some iced tea wherever you’re going.


This Cold Brew Maker For A Delicious Cup Of Joe

This genius 6-cup cold brew steeper is a way cheaper alternative to your favorite coffee-shop cold brew, and could not be easier to use. Simply put coffee grounds into the central infuser and fill the pitcher with water. Leave it in your fridge for up to 24 hours (the length of time you steep will dictate the strength of your coffee) and you’re good to go. This pitcher is ready to pour and enjoy.


This Color-Changing Backlight You Can Put On Your TV Or Computer

To instantly upgrade your home viewing experience, a television backlight is one of the coolest products on Amazon. This easy-to-install strip light winds behind your television (or computer) and can change to one of 16 colors, four different dynamic modes, and can even be dimmed to your liking. The included remote allows you to change the color from where you’re already sitting and works even when you’re up to 30 feet away.


A UV Flashlight That Reveals Gross Invisible Stains In Your Home

To discover exactly how stained some of your fabrics and carpets are, this handy UV flashlight will reveal invisible stains on your surfaces. Over 25,000 Amazon reviewers have invested in this light, which comes with a 15-year warranty. Fans of this flashlight warn, you will be shocked by the stains you find.


An Adjustable Laptop Stand With A Built-In Phone Holder

For work-from-home setups or more versatility at your office desk, this ergonomic stand lifts your laptop up so that you can use it without strain on your hands or wrists. The adjustable height allows you to get the perfect angle on your technology, and it even has a built-in phone stand so you can keep all of your devices nearby.


A Handy Sofa Armrest Tray Where You Can Place Your Favorite Drink

For those moments when your coffee table is just out of reach, this sofa arm tray table turns your rounded sofa into a convenient place to place your coffee cup or glass of wine when you are lounging around the house. Made from organic bamboo, this armrest won’t slip or move around, so your drinks stay secure to protect your living room’s most important piece of furniture — your couch.


A Pet Hair Remover That Thousands Of Pet Owners Swear By

Pet owners, listen up: This is a game-changing product. This double-sided brush is super easy to use. Just take it out of its sheath and push the button to change which side features the bristles. Rub this on any surface that’s gathered a lot of pet hair, and then insert the brush back into its case, where the hair is automatically stripped off the brush and deposited into the bottom of the case. Then you can easily empty it, leaving your brush clean and ready to use again.


Flexible Ice Cube Trays With A Lid So You Can Stack Them

With a convenient plastic lid that protects from spills, these silicone ice trays can be stacked, and make it super easy to pop ice cubes out and into your favorite chilled beverage. Each tray in this set of two can hold six large square ice cubes, 2 inches in diameter. Even better, they’re made of 100% food-grade (and BPA-free!) silicone, these are safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.


This Device That Tells You How Much Juice Is Left In Your Batteries

When your remote isn’t working or your fan won’t start, it can be impossible to know if it’s the device or the batteries. That’s where this genius battery tester comes in, as it can tell you how much juice is left in all of your batteries. This works on AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, and 1.5-volt batteries, so you can check most of the batteries in your closet or drawer and finally get rid of those dead ones once in for all.


A Hydrating Hair Mask With Collagen & Ceramides

Whether you’re dealing with hair that’s damaged by heat, coloring, or the sun, this K-beauty collagen treatment mask can help. Highly rated, it’s made with collagen to to strengthen hair and ceramides to quench dry hair. Reviewers have called it a “miracle product” and “the only conditioner that has worked on my long dry frizzy hair.”


These Luxe Shower Steamers That Fizz & Release Soothing Scents

As far as genius products go, shower steamers are definitely high on the list. How they work: As water or steam hits your shower steamer, it’ll fizz and release whichever scents are in its formula, in this case watermelon, grapefruit, eucalyptus, cacao and orange, lemongrass and coconut, and peony and pear. You’ll get six steamers in this pack, so you’ll have plenty of luxurious baths and showers in your future.


Smart Night Lights That Automatically Turn On When It Gets Dark

These smart night lights automatically kick on based on the ambient light in your space, so you’ll never have to worry about turning them on or off at night or in the morning. These plug into outlets and use energy-efficient LED light bulbs that can last for up to 10,000 hours (or more!). You can get this six-pack of white night lights, or opt for the warm white night lights instead.


An Eyelash Comb That Can Un-Clump Mascara & Lengthen Your Lashes

An eyelash comb is an essential (if not all that common) beauty tool to have stashed in your makeup drawer, as it can make your eyelashes appear longer, and separate lashes if your mascara tends to clump. This popular eyelash comb is a great investment for any beauty lover. According to one fan, “This comb separates lashes beautifully without stripping the lashes of the product entirely. It allows me to have that thicker lash look whilst keeping them looking fuller and separated!”


Reusuable Pads That Are More Eco-Friendly Than Makeup-Removing Wipes

For an eco-friendly makeup solution, these reusable pads are made of 100% bamboo fibers and can easily remove stuck-on makeup with a simple cleanser or micellar water, without creating any waste. This pack of 14 pads comes with its own holder that you can leave on your bathroom counter, and a reusable bag that you can put them in when you want to run them through your washer and dryer.


A Cult-Favorite Hair Brush That Is Gentle On Tangled Hair

There’s a reason this classic Wet Brush is one of the best-selling hair brushes on the market: Its flexible bristles detangle snarled strands gently, without pulling or tugging your hair out. With 32,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.8-star overall rating, this brush is tried and true for so many people — it’s even an editor favorite at Bustle.


These Pillows That Are So Comfy, They Have 110,000+ Reviews

With more than 110,000 reviews and counting, this two-pack of soft pillows is made with an 100% cotton cover and a plush fiber interior that’s comfortable for so many sleep styles. And, while some pillows deflate or shift shapes throughout the night, the fibers in these pillows are designed to stay plush and well distributed all night long.


A Rechargeable Cleansing Brush With Five Different Speeds

This rechargeable sonic cleansing brush has five different speeds you can adjust between based on your skin type. Apply your favorite cleanser and then use this brush for 15 seconds on your forehead, each cheek, and around the nose and eyes. This will help your cleanser absorb into your skin, so you’ll get the maximum benefits of the formula.


An Adjustable Desk Lamp With A Built-In Phone Stand

Proper lighting is essential at any desk so your eyes don’t strain while trying to read in poor lighting. This LED lamp really levels up your desk, providing storage for your favorite pens or chotskies, and even has a stand where you can prop up your phone. The neck of this lamp is flexible so you can change the angle based on how your workspace is set up. And, the light can be alternated between three intensities and three color temperatures.


These Edge Brushes That Have Combs On The Other End

These two-in-one edge brushes have won over more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers because they’re so convenient. With nylon bristles on the brush side that are soft yet firm, it’s easy to lay edges, while the comb side helps you work through baby hairs. And, for under $10 for two brushes, this is a super affordable hair tool that many reviewers rely on.


A Lamp With A Flexible Neck That You Can Clip Anywhere

This handy lamp can be clipped to any surface in your home, whether that’s a bookshelf over your reading nook or an open cabinet in your kitchen where you need more lighting. The USB-rechargeable lamp has 18 bright LED lights and three different brightness levels. And, since the neck is flexible, you can angle it wherever you need the extra light.


A Genius Mirror That Won’t Fog Up In Your Shower

Steamy showers can make it hard to use any mirror, which is why this fogless shower mirror is so awesome. This mirror suctions to any surface in your shower and can be turned and swiveled so you can see yourself, if you’re using it at a bathroom vanity or in the shower to shave, apply a face mask, or dare I say it — wash your face.


A Microwavable Pillow That’s Shaped Like A Llama

A microwaveable pillow comes in clutch when you have sore muscles or cramps, and this llama-shaped pillow really makes for a fun purchase. It’s made with a polyester cover and filled with natural buckwheat and lavender, so when you heat it up it’ll have a faint lavender scent that smells soothing while it delivers relief to your muscles.

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