I Tried Item Beauty's Lip Quip, & Here's What All The Hype Is About

Here’s my honest review of Addison Rae’s gloss-oil hybrid.

Bustle beauty writer Olivia Rose Ferreiro tried Item Beauty's Lip Quip in Inna Jam before it went vi...
Olivia Rose Ferreiro

There were countless lip oil launches that came in hot throughout the warmer months this year. And while many buzzy brands released their own version of the juicy lip treat (including Fenty Beauty, r.e.m beauty, and Lawless, to name some standouts), very few reached serious cult-status by way of TikTok’s viral platform.

One product in particular that reigns amongst the it girlies of the internet? None other than the trending Lip Quip by Addison Rae’s Gen Z-focused brand, Item Beauty. Tinted, glossy, and very much a lip treatment in a bottle, the lippie currently is available to shop in four different hues at both Sephora and Kohl’s, with the sheer violet color being my personal fave.

If you just so happen to be on the market for some yummy products to swipe on your pout this season, you may want to pick up Item Beauty’s lip oil before it sells out yet again — here’s why.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $14
  • Best For: Elevating a bare or layered lip look
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Yes
  • Pros: It’s non-sticky, tinted, and combines the benefits of a gloss and an oil for less than $15.
  • Cons: The strong, fruity scent.

The Item Beauty Lip Quip Clean Moisturizing Lip Gloss

“Clean at Sephora”-approved and powered by plant ingredients, the Lip Quip is categorized as both a lip gloss and a lip balm/treatment. Not only does it enhance your lips for fuller pout, but the finish has a gloss-like shine that is lightweight and non-sticky.

The lip-loving formula packs some serious moisture, with key ingredients including deeply nourishing almond oil, emollient camellia, smoothing jojoba oil, and ultra-hydrating shea butter.

My First Impression

In The Shade: Come ThruOlivia Rose Ferreiro

When first twisting open the bottle, I noticed a super strong scent that leaned ultra fruity, which was a bit of a turnoff for me TBH. Typically, I like a more subtle vanilla scent, as anything too fruity feels quite young, and even gives me a slight headache if reapplying constantly.

I was willing to overlook that personal gripe, however, as I instantly fell in love with the formula — so much so that I’ve recommended the product to so many of my girlfriends, and have even been asked by a few strangers what lip color I was wearing. It feels silky smooth and hydrating on bare lips, and the subtly tinted hues add a new juicy dimension and unique depth to some of my favorite lip combos. What’s more, the shades are universal and quite subtle (which is nice for day to day).

What I love most about the Lip Quip is that it can stand in for your go-to lip balm, but still feels (and looks) like a slightly more elevated lip gloss. Other glosses on bare lips can be a bit drying, not adding much moisture to the lips at all — but this hybrid formula does just that in one easy swipe, no balm needed.

A TikTok-Viral Standout

With a simple twist of the Lip Quip applicator with the vial in her mouth, Addison quickly made her juicy lip product go completely viral, inciting thousands of beauty-loving creators to do the same flirtatious maneuver.

Since then, the Item Beauty’s lip oil has been consistently sold out on Sephora’s site, has racked up 7.2 million views (and counting) on the #LipQuip hashtag, and has garnered thousands of TikTok reviews in the process. Word on BeautyTok? It stands up to the (also viral) Dior Lip Glow, just with some more lightweight, glossy shine.

The Final Verdict

Whether adding a fresh, wet-looking finish to your usual lip combo, or treating your lips to some nourishing hydration when applying gym lips (it’s a thing) — the Lip Quip has become one of my favorite formulas I always have on hand in my purse and makeup bag. If you are more sensitive to strong fragrances in lip products, it’s definitely something to consider, but otherwise, I predict you’ll be obsessed.