12 Times Addison Rae Rocked ’90s-Era Hairstyles

The social media star loves a retro beauty look.

12 times Addison Rae wore '90s-era hairstyles.
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Though she didn’t post her first TikTok until 2019 — not too long ago — Addison Rae has undoubtedly become part of the pop-cultural zeitgeist. The social media phenom and BFF to Kourtney Kardashian is the queen of content, which she keeps interesting by rocking a wide variety of fashion and beauty looks. One theme that’s become clear on her feeds? Rae’s many ’90s hairstyles, which prove she’s a fan of throwbacks.

Besides the Y2K-inspired clothing she’s been known to wear, the He’s All That star regularly posts selfies and even shows up to red carpet events with her lengths pulled into a ’90s-vibe hairdo. One of her go-to looks from the decade is the Cindy Crawford-style blowout, which, of course, involves tons of volume and perfectly coifed-ringlets. You’ll also see Rae sporting other trends from the era — think braided pigtails, tendrils, and butterfly clips.

The thing is, Rae wasn’t even alive in the ’90s. Perhaps she pulls inspo from movies and shows from the decade — or maybe she’s been influenced by her friend Kardashian’s recent foray into grunge looks. Either way, keep scrolling to enjoy 12 of Rae’s ’90s hairstyles for a little dose of nostalgia.


Blocks Of Color

In the ’90s and early 2000s, Christina Aguilera made wearing chunks of bold colored highlights a must-try trend (remember her red-streaked blonde hair from the “Come On Over” video?). Rae recreated that same look in this Instagram post, complete with slick-straight strands.



Braided tendrils may be more of a 2000s-era beauty trend, but tendrils were big the decade before that — both in updos and half-up, half-down hairstyles. Rae pretty regularly wears the standard (unbraided) face-framing pieces as well as braided tendrils to upgrade her look.


Butterfly Clips

In this Instagram post — which looks like it could’ve been taken in 1999, thanks to her hair as well as her Ed Hardy ‘fit — Rae’s sporting two old-school beauty trends in one: braided tendrils and the very-’90s butterfly clips.


Voluminous Blowout

This selfie shows off one of Rae’s signature hairstyles, aka the ’90s-era blowout, complete with swooped over strands in the front. Cher from Clueless would be proud.


Braided Pigtails

Rae throws it back to the earlier decade with loosely braided pigtails, a look that Britney Spears wore many years before her — and that’s coming back in style.


Half-Up Hair

One hairstyle people wore all the time in the ’90s? The half-up, half-down look, which was usually tied with a scrunchie. Here, Rae rocks a high-half pony, a hairdo that allows her glowy makeup to steal the spotlight.


Half-Up Pigtails

This throwback beauty trend takes the half-up hairstyle to another nostalgic level: the half-up high pigtails. Rae proves the look can still look cool — especially when paired with floating eyeliner.


Claw Clip

Ah, the claw clip — one of the defining hair accessories of the grunge era. Rae rocks one on a beach vacay in this Instagram post, which showcases how handy these clips are for when you just want to throw your hair up.


High Pigtails

Clearly Rae is a fan of pigtails. Another iteration she’s rocked? Super-high pigtails, a hairdo that’s reminiscent of Baby Spice circa 1998.



Whether you used Sun-In, lemon juice, or went to the salon to get them, highlights were all the rage in the ’90s. Here, Rae embraces the look with light blonde streaks throughout her medium brown hair.


Hair Clips

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At the Versace Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show in September, Rae pulled her sleek hair back with chunky hair clips. As any ’90s kid knows, hair accessories — like these barrettes — were something everyone would stock up on at Claire’s.


Messy Updo

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This one’s a look you’ve seen on Bella Hadid: the perfectly undone twisted updo. During an outing in New York City, Rae flawlessly pulls off the casual hairstyle and topped it off with also-’90s tendrils framing her face.