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Julia Fox's Latest Makeup Look Includes Thin, Penciled-In Eyebrows

From bleached to pencil-thin.

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Julia Fox's latest bold eye makeup look includes thin eyebrows, penciled-in on top of her bleached b...
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In a matter of mere months, Julia Fox has skyrocketed to major icon status, claiming her rightful place directly in front of the public eye after her brief (and perhaps strategic) fling with Kanye West. And in turn, she has quickly become arguably one of the most daring, fresh, and innovative faces in the makeup and fashion space right now. And while she made countless headlines, igniting a major industry-shifting trend (before inciting a slew of Julia street-style Halloween costumes) with her bold eyeliner looks, the Uncut Gems actor and outspoken personality has been most recently experimenting with her eyebrows.

Amidst this year’s unexpected bleached brow movement — which has been seen on the likes of the Hadid sisters, Lizzo, and even Kendall Jenner at 2022’s Met Gala — Fox adopted the fearless look for what seems like longer than most. And further pushing the limits of what some may consider an “ugly” trend, she paired the eye-catching look with slicked-back hair sprayed a silvery grey at the roots. The message behind the styling choice? In her own words, Fox candidly shared: “This is a love letter to getting older. We’re embracing getting older.” I mean ... her power.

Changing up her look yet again just this week, Fox was spotted with another face-changing brow, this time opting for a ’90s-inspired, pencil-thin shape that featured thicker brunette strokes towards her eyes’ inner corners, and a long tail extending towards her temples. The otherworldly brow was met with subdued lashes, some eyeshadow contouring that created a very rounded shape, and a minimal glossy lip for the finisher.

From all-denim-everything streetwear moments, to latex looks that are an ode to her former profession as a dominatrix, there’s no telling what Fox may be spotted in next — though it’s clear that high fashion girlies and adventurous beauty babes alike will be watching closely.

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