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This Outfit Proves Margot Robbie Is No Longer In Her Barbie Era

It’s surprisingly NSFW.

Margot Robbie wears a pink dress to attend the Seoul Premiere of "Barbie."
Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

For over a year, Margot Robbie perfectly embodied her Barbie character, cosplaying as the Mattel doll at award shows and premieres alike. Now, months after the Greta Gerwig-directed movie hit theaters, she’s finally shedding her all-pink persona.

While out with her husband Tom Ackerley over the weekend, Robbie wore a ’fit that deviated from Barbie in more ways than one. Aside from embracing a neutral color palette, it was also utterly daring — complete with an exposed bra.

Margot’s Sophisticated Neutrals

In Sydney, where it’s currently spring, the actor was spotted strolling arm in arm with her hubby, while wearing weather-appropriate separates. Chicly dressed, Robbie wore a gray vest top that she left completely open.

The actor paired the item with loose, high-waist trousers in a matching shade of gray. Despite the number’s subtle beachy vibe, the corporate-adjacent pieces made Robbie look so polished.

Adding another dose of elegance, Robbie accessorized with heeled raffia mules — the chic footwear equivalent of a rattan beach bag. She further merchandised the look with nondescript black sunnies and a pendant necklace.


Leaning into the “quiet luxury” aesthetic, her clothes featured a new, earthy color palette that was more akin to Barbie’s Birkenstock outfit than anything else. It seems Robbie’s campy Barbie era is far behind her — until a sequel, that is.

Bye, Barbie! “After wearing varying shades pink for almost a year straight, Robbie’s fashion pendulum has swung in the complete opposite direction. This all-neutral ensemble is evidence of that.” — Kelsey Stiegman, Bustle’s Senior Fashion Editor

She Added An NSFW Detail

Robbie’s polished set featured one key detail that added a punch of spice: her visible bra. Underneath the vest, Robbie flaunted her ribbed white bra, essentially wearing it as a shirt — an appropriate choice, given the waterfront venue.

The ivory piece popped against Robbie’s otherwise oatmeal-colored ensemble, drawing even more attention to the revealing item.


We’re not in Barbie Land anymore.