The Powerful Meaning Behind Meghan Markle’s One Young World Summit Outfit

The Duchess of Sussex made a statement in a royal shade of red.

Meghan Markle at the One Young World Summit in Manchester, September 2022
Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Having spent the summer in their home in Montecito, California, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle touched down in the UK for official business. After a brief spell in London, the royal couple caught the train to Manchester for the One Young World Summit on September 5. Markle — a counsellor for the event — delivered the keynote speech. It was a significant moment, marking the royal’s first UK speech in two years.

Addressing the crowd, made up of people from over 170 countries, the mum-of-two recalled previously attending the event in 2014, and then again a few years later. “I joined you in London in 2019, and by that point, my life had taken on quite a charge. I was now married and I was now a mother,” Markle explained.

“My worldview had expanded exponentially by seeing the global community through my child’s eyes. And I would ask, ‘What is this world that he would take on? And what can we do, what can I do to improve it?’” The Archetypes podcast host added: “I’m thrilled that this time my husband can come to see and witness firsthand my respect for this organisation and all that it does.”

Markle also made a powerful statement with her outfit for the occasion, donning a striking head-to-toe red Valentino ensemble. Pairing a chic blouse with tailored trousers and pointed pumps, the Duchess of Sussex undoubtedly left an impression. Interestingly, the royal is known for favouring a strong red attire.

Getty Images/Chris Jackson

The meaning of red clothing has long been discussed, with the colour said to symbolise power, wealth, and passion. Markle’s shade of resilient red undoubtedly highlighted the sentiment of her speech. “You are the future… you are the present. You are the ones driving the positive and necessary change needed across the globe now, in this very moment,” the activist remarked.

A force for change herself, Markle made sure to stand out from the crowd, with her red ensemble easily spotted amid the sea of dark suits.