18 Super Revealing Swimsuits That’ll Have You Serving Body

Go bare or go home.

by Jamie Feldman
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revealing swimsuits and bikinis 2023
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For the past few years, high-waisted bikinis and one-piece swimsuits have reigned supreme in the swim world — the more coverage, the better. But swimwear trends, like clothing trends, are moving in a new, tinier direction. The barely-there aesthetic made famous in the ’90s and early ’00s is back with a vengeance, bringing with it the less-is-more attitude we saw during those nearly-naked eras of style. s

Though string bikinis never really went away, they’ve unarguably shrunk down in size with the most recent swimwear drops, resulting in a brand new classification of suit: the micro bikini. It seems that all of the most popular swim trends of 2023 include at least one ultra-revealing design detail (if not more).

Think: one-pieces with high-cut leg holes, à la Baywatch, low-rise bottoms right out of 2001, cut-out suits that show off more than your average one-piece, and then there’s the thong bikini sported by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo — an undeniable sign that full-coverage swimwear is a thing of the past.

Ahead, peruse 18 of the most stylish bikinis and one-pieces that also just happen to show off a whole lot of skin. These revealing swimsuits are guaranteed to have you serving body.

1. The Ultimate Reveal

This two-piece is basically the next best thing to nude. It’s giving vampy-sexy Mugler vibes for sure.

2. Boob Cut-Outs

Looking for a way to hop on the underboob cut-out trend while still holding on to (some) support? Try this neon option.

3. Mermaid Vibes

A slinky bandeau bikini equipped with a starfish embellishment gives serious Little Mermaid vibes. Plus, Alt Swim is Hailey Bieber-approved, FYI.

4. Wild One

If Emily Ratajkowski designed it, you know it’s going to be chic. This strappy leopard print bikini is sexy as they come.

5. Colorblock Sparkles

This strappy number is made with shimmering fabric that adds a little something special (and shows off even more).

6. Snakeskin Strings

This lime green twist on a classic string bikini adds a bit more wow factor — at a great price point too.

7. Orange Crush

This string bikini in kumquat makes a total statement, especially since the zesty color is summer’s color du jour.

8. Plunging Neckline

One-piece suits take on a whole new vibe when equipped with huge cut-outs and a deep-V neckline.

9. Pretty Crochet

If you don’t think crochet can look spicy, take a cue from Dua Lipa who’s taken a liking to micro swimsuits in the whimsical texture.

10. Monokini Mania

The Good American swim launch is more than just good, it’s great. Take for example, this adorable monokini — a onesie that still shows plenty of skin.

11. Groovy Florals

If you like this bright tropical set from the front, just wait until you see it from the back.

12. Cheeky Cut-Out

String bikinis have nothing on the Hot Girl powers of this strappy number. The pretty, summer-friendly hue and underboob keyhole are untouchable (more of those here).

13. Thong Bottoms

There’s nothing more revealing than a butt-baring suit. You’re welcome.

14. Spicy Cut-outs

Navel, waist, underboob, and pelvic cut-outs? This baddie is hotter than the summer sun.

15. Chains, Chains, Chains

With the chic chain details on top and bottom, this swim set is practically body jewelry.

16. Not-So-Mellow Yellow

This intricate bikini can be tied endless different ways. If the boob-framing straps don’t catch every eye, the neon hue sure will.

17. Strappy & Sexy

Riot Swim has a slew of barely-there options, like their stringy Bixi Top and Bottom set. The best part? It comes in more than 20 colors, making the mix-and-match possibilities endless.

18. The Totally Sheer One-Piece

With risqué, see-through panels, this one piece is the perfect optical illusion. It shows more skin than a bikini, but due to its one-piece design, comes without the risk of a peek-a-boob.

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