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Olivia Rodrigo Wore A Glitzy Bra On Her Guts Tour & Had A Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Wearing that top — it’s a bad idea, right?

DUBLIN, IRELAND - APRIL 30: Olivia Rodrigo performs live at the 3 Arena on April 30, 2024 in Dublin....
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Let’s hope Olivia Rodrigo doesn’t experience “deja vú” with her latest wardrobe choice. The singer elevated her fashion game during the Guts Tour, digging into her punk inspirations and playful rock aesthetic to deliver a slew of Y2K-inspired looks.

However, while performing at a sold-out show in London on May 14, one of Rodrigo’s new costumes totally let her down, resulting in a wardrobe malfunction. However, she handled the situation like a total pro — and kept up the look without missing a beat.

Olivia’s Bra Top

For the second part of her London show, Rodrigo wore a black bra top and matching shorts with purple stitching, falling in line with the colors of her albums Sour and Guts. She completed her look with fishnet tights and black Doc Martens boots.

It was a classic Rodrigo look, but it almost fell apart at the seams — literally.

The Wardrobe Malfunction

While performing “Love Is Embarrassing,” Rodrigo ironically had a humiliating moment when her bra top came undone in the back and almost came off completely. Like a pro, she gestured to one of her dancers, who tried to come to the rescue, without missing a single note.

However, the snaps became loose once again as Rodrigo and her dancers prepared for the song’s viral dance break, forcing her to laugh it off and embrace the irony of the situation. “This is f*cking embarrassing,” she shouted to the crowd, keeping her top intact with her mic-free arm.

After the song, she quickly ran offstage to fix her costume before joking about the debacle to the crowd. “I almost flashed you guys, but it's OK now!” she said.

Olivia’s Hot Topic Costumes

Olivia Rodrigo performing in Dublin. Samir Hussein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thankfully, Rodrigo has had better luck with her other Guts Tour costumes. At her Dublin show a few nights before, she performed in a glittery silver bra top with a matching high-waisted short skirt, still sporting her fishnets underneath.

Olivia Rodrigo performing at the GUTS World Tour in April.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While performing in New York in April, Rodrigo turned her fishnets into an entire dress, wearing a see-through cover-up over her black bra top and high-waisted shorts.