How Everyone On TikTok Is Finding The Perfect Neutral Lip Color

They’re mixing three products you probably already have.

Wondering how to find the perfect lip color? TikTok says to mix your eyebrow pencil shade, blush, an...

Another day, another TikTok beauty hack. The one that’s been taking FYPs by storm lately involves using your eyebrow pencil and blush to create the perfect lip shade. Feeling skeptical? So was I. But naturally, I had to try it to see what the hype was about and — most importantly — if it actually works.

Created by TikTok creator Kenzie B, the lip hack is fairly simple. First, you use your eyebrow pencil to line your lips. My brows are black and I use the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Natural Black. I traced along my lips with the pencil, leaving behind a thin black outline. Next, you apply whatever blush you normally use. I use Tower28’s BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush, which is a vibrant coral pink, so I grabbed that and dabbed the color all over my lips. The last step is using lip gloss to blend it all together. I use e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lacquer In Clear to get that glossy shiny finish.

Not gonna lie: I don’t hate the results. Mixing a bright pink blush with my black brow pencil tones down the intensity of the pink and turns it into a bright mauve that I do like. (I smudged the eyebrow pencil so that it blended in completely as I’m personally not a fan of such a visible lip liner, but others seem to keep a defined lip liner look so it’s really up to personal preference.)

Below are seven ways creators, all with different eyebrow and blush shades, have rocked and loved the beauty hack, and two who are feeling “meh” about it. If you’ve been wondering how to find the perfect lip color, this may be worth a try.


The OG

Creator Kenzie B lays out the secret recipe for everyone to follow. She says you will always find your perfect lip color if you follow this, and so far many have found success.


Pretty In Pink

Even makeup artist and founder of Huda Beauty Huda Kattan had to try this out to see if it would work. She lines her lips with a dark eyebrow pencil shade and fills in the rest with a pink powdered blush. She finishes with a gloss for a shiny muted pink lip color that’s super pretty.


Deep Rose

TikTok star Addison Rae also has dark eyebrows and mixes her dark pencil shade with a deep pink cream blush. The resulting dark rose shade is simply stunning.


Blonde Ambition

TikTok creator Ryan says that because she has blonde brows, she’s skeptical if this hack will work for her. She lines her lip with her liner and dabs on a plum blush for a dark lip look that suits her very well. “Bye I’m trying this forever,” she says at the end of the video. A skeptic turned believer? You love to see it.


Natural Color

TikToker Kamille Gregory dabs a little red blush on her lips after lining them with a dark eyebrow pencil to create a glossy bare lip look.


Neutral Pink

Creator Steph Hui’s combo of dark eyebrow liner and a deep pink blush results in a pink with a cool undertone that looks gorge.


Purple Reign

Artist Phillicia Deanell opts for a deep purple blush to mix with a black liquid brow pen to create the perfect neutral lip shade.


Dark Ombré

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio isn’t sure that this hack works for her, but the outcome is still really cool. She lines her lips with a black brow pomade, which leaves a very defined dark outline. Then reaches for a peach blush powder which gives her lips very subtle color. After layering on gloss, it creates an ombré-like look.


Defined Liner

Creator and model Jalaiya Bartley lines her lips with a black brow pencil and fills in the rest with a subtle pale pink blush. Bartley finishes with gloss and it’s giving ’90s vibes, which is so on-trend. But she isn’t feeling it. “I look like who did it and why,” she says in the video. Can’t win ‘em all.