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These SATC Reboot Outfits Are Hidden Nods To The Original Series

From 1998 to 2021.

See 'Sex and The City' outfits now and then. Though Carrie Bradshaw's style has evolved, she doesn't...
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No matter what you think of Sex and the City — like, for instance, Carrie is low key problematic and Mr. Big is toxic AF — there’s no denying that the iconic show has always been known for its bold, unapologetic costume design. Throughout its original six-year run, SATC set all sorts of trends and boosted plenty of designers (Manolo Blahnik, we’re talking to you). Given its reputation for being at the forefront of all things style, it should come as no surprise that fans are keeping a close eye on the fashion of the new HBO Max show And Just Like That.

Billed as a new chapter in the SATC saga that’s set in the present day, we’ll be able to check in on Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) as they explore love and relationships in their fifties.

And although Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) isn’t part of the core group this time around, fans can still enjoy some memorable fashion moments from the other ladies — with a couple cosmos in hand, of course.

So far, it seems like Carrie’s personal style has evolved in some ways while remaining true to her character’s sartorial essence. She’s continuing to play around with accessories, patterns, and textures, and leans toward a high-low approach.

Ahead, check out some of the most striking then-and-now fashion moments from SATC history.

Tutu Skirts

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Carrie loves a romantic, over-the-top tutu. The more tulle, the better! Back in 2004 for the series finale in Paris, she wore a gorgeous green number. In 2021, she opts for a white, floor-sweeping skirt.

Bodycon Dresses

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She didn’t invent the body-con dress, but she helped popularize it in the early 2000s when she stepped out in a form-fitting design that’s still imitated to this day. Fast forward to now, and she’s in a slightly more elevated powder blue version.

Studded Belts

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Carrie the...punk rocker? Well, she did come of age in the ’80s, so it makes sense that she favors edgier accessories. Here, she wears the exact same Roger belt styled with a pop of pink, just about 14 years apart.

Big Flowers

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No one can pull off a floral appliqué quite like Ms. Bradshaw. On both occasions, she opted to style it with shades of white, blush, and lavender.

Head Scarves

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Casual Carrie sometimes makes questionable fashion choices, but TBH, that’s why fans love her. No word yet on what, exactly, is going on with the dish gloves, though it probably has something to do with Carrie living through lockdown.

Colorful Stripes

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When she wears color, she really goes for it. The similarities between these two looks are unmissable — although 2021 Carrie carrying a canvas tote instead of a chic handbag marks a noticeable shift.