6 Skin Care Products That'll Turn Your Bathroom Into A Literal Spa

Upgrade your self-care routine.

5 skin care products that will turn your bathroom into a literal spa.
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While self-care can take many different forms — from attending a hot yoga class to spending an hour reading at a coffee shop — it’s easiest to practice from your very own home. And, if you want to turn your me-time into something that feels like a spa session, all you need is a handful of skin care products for a self-care routine that delivers a soothing mind-body reset.

Sure, you could think of your bathroom as one of the least-visited areas of your apartment or as a boring, utilitarian space. But it doesn’t have to be — with a sprinkle of beauty essentials (and perhaps some cute decor), you can transform the washroom into a destination for much-needed TLC. Enter: skin care products that were practically designed for a self-care sesh.

While any serum or moisturizer technically counts as something that can be used for some me-time, turning to items like face masks, scrubs, lotions, and beauty tools can really upgrade a simple skin care routine. To help you carve out a spa-level top shelf, Bustle has rounded up six must-have skin care-meets-self-care MVPs.

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A Melting Body Butter

Once a dollop gets warmed up by your body heat, this body butter will morph from a wax into a liquid that you can massage into your skin for rich, creamy moisture. The magic’s in the shea butter, a nourishing ingredient that softens and hydrates.


A Crystal-Infused Hair Comb

An extraordinarily overlooked self-care ritual is combing your hair. The repetitive motion is so mesmerizing, it can sometimes lead to a full-on meditation. The jade in this gorgeous comb purportedly helps to regulate mood, improve blood circulation (which aids in a healthy scalp), and promote positive energy — but, at the very least, it’ll get knots out of your strands.


A Gentle Wash Cloth

Picking a wash cloth for your face is high stakes. If you pick a material that is too rough, you risk irritating your skin. Navan’s face cloth is crafted with a super-soft woven polyester blend that’s specifically meant to gently exfoliate while keeping your complexion soft and intact.


A Luxurious Illuminating Creme

This beauty treatment from Skin Design London is packed with mild chemical exfoliating acids (read: good for sensitive skin) and botanical extracts. The sum of the parts is a cream that is equally hydrating, illuminating, and clarifying.


A Soothing Body Lotion

The idea of being tangled in a mess of bedding and product stickiness is enough to convince you to skip body care altogether. This lotion, however, is fast-absorbing — so you won’t have to worry about that. Thanks to the combo of shea butter and aloe vera, its calming formula will leave your skin super-soft and hydrated.


An Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask

What’s a self-care sesh without a face mask? This one by Suku Suki uses acai as its star ingredient (a potent antioxidant), and it’s blended with anti-inflammatory turmeric plus gently exfoliating apricot kernels, all of which swirl together to give you a refreshing mini-facial.

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