9 Spring Nail Art Trends To Inspire Your Next Mani Appointment

Think bright and bold.

There are lots of exciting things about March (like warmer weather, dining alfresco, and longer days just to name a few). It’s also the perfect time to break out the fun nail polish colors and playful manicure designs again. If you needed some motivation to swap out those dark colors and say hello to spring nail art season, here’s all the inspiration you’ll need.

Yes, you can theoretically wear these designs (or any winter nail art) all year round if that’s your vibe. But something about changing up your beauty routine, whether it be skin care makeup, or nails, seems right with the changing of the seasons. Plus, it just makes sense to go from winter warm and cozy to springtime bright and fun.

Spring nail art trends in 2022 are all about going big and bold. From graphic negative space to disco ball nails, these are some of the most fun designs out there. To get a comprehensive guide on all the coolest designs to know about, Bustle asked a team of celebrity nail experts — Chanel nail artist Betina R. Goldstein, Queenie Nguyen, Natalie Minerva, and Hang Nguyen — for their favorite nail art trends for sunny season.


Groovy Florals

Sure, spring is synonymous with flowers (Hang says that flowers will always be popular in spring), but that doesn’t mean that floral nail art needs to be boring. Here, she used light blue pastel flower decals against a fainted lavender backdrop for a pretty groovy look.


Vibrant Ombré

You can never go wrong with ombré, especially this season. “This design is a great way to rock bold colors subtly,” says Queenie. “It is flattering and a great grown-out manicure option.” Use it as an opportunity to try a fiery, eye-catching orange.


Provocative Neutrals

According to Goldstein, metallics make for the perfect neutral. “I like to refer to metallics as the ‘provocative neutral’,” she says. “They are versatile and add a bit of edge to any outfit.” She recommends doing metallic French tips, abstract designs, or accents to elevate your mani.


3D Nails

Minerva sees 3D nails with unique textures being huge this spring. (These disco nails are just *chef’s kiss*).

She says that these nail art is expanding to include embellishments that aren’t traditionally meant for your fingertips, such as real pearls and opal. She also predicts reflective materials — sequins, chrome, and foil — being used a lot as well. “In general, we’re seeing a very exploratory time in nails right now and I love it,” she says. “Bottom line is: we will not be holding back on our nail art this year.”


Gold Accents

Going along with the 3D theme, Queenie suggests adding gold chrome accents to a neutral base. “This design is so chic and different but still neutral enough to wear on the daily,” she says.


Colorful Cuticles

If you’re looking for simple and minimal way to add something extra to a plain manicure, Goldstein suggests adding a small line of color against your cuticle. “This design is super easy to achieve, and the color variations are endless,” she says.


Graphic Negative Space

A vibrant polish paired with a negative space design makes quite the dynamic duo. “Negative space is such a timeless nail design concept that’s always trending,” says Queenie. She adds that bright colors, like this cheery sky blue, make for an edgier look — and edgy is always fun.


Updated French Mani

The French mani will be going very strong into the spring (and beyond everyone’s lifetime TBH). But this updated take, according to Goldstein, will be a softer, off-white cream version. “You will be seeing this trend all over the red carpet,” she says. “It’s very natural and approachable, adding sophistication to long or short nails.”


Mix & Match

Can’t decide on one design? No problem. Queenie and Goldstein both love a playful mix of designs. “Try to wear different nail designs on each nail for a very unexpected look,” Queenie says. “This look is fun for nail lovers who love to rock different nail designs at once.”