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2024 Is The Summer Of Accessories & These Jewelry Trends Are Taking Over

Turquoise, arm cuffs, and more.

The best jewelry trends for Summer 2024 including flowers and charm bracelets.
Heaven Mayhem, Bergdorf Goodman
Trend Report
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From swimwear to hair colors, this season’s trends will bring out your brightest, most confident self. How? With vibrant hues, maximalist takes, and fashion-forward styles, of course. When it comes to jewelry, the look-at-me ethos wholly applies.

Hollywood’s queen bees, for example, just cosigned turquoise as fashion’s next big gemstone. Both Bella Hadid and Beyoncé recently leaned into Western fashion (thanks, in no small part, to Cowboy Carter), giving blue jewelry their chic seal of approval.

Another hit-in-the-making? Arm cuffs. Following a successful run in the 2000s, the bicep accouterment is back. And if the Spring/Summer 2024 runways are any indication (they are), adoring the upper arm is the new frontier of accessorizing.

Meanwhile, some of the season’s most prominent styles come alive with nature. If spring jewelry trends looked to crawling and flying critters, for summer, fashion’s eyes are set much, much lower — below sea level, actually. Mermaidcore 2.0 incorporates more than just pearls. Adorn yourself with starfish, corals, shells, and more aquatic motifs.

Ahead, shop these and more up-and-coming jewelry trends that are primed for a summer takeover.

The Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

The Bangles

Bangles have been a wardrobe hero for a hot minute. This summer, however, they’re going jumbo. The cuffed look has been given the designer treatment on runways like Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Rabanne. The latter went the maximalist route and styled models with a matching bangle on each wrist — a look that caught the eye of Dua Lipa.

This season, cage your wrists in the chunkiest, statement-making cuffs made of metallics, woods, lucites, and more. Feeling extra? Stack ’em up, baby.

Flower Power

Gardens are in full bloom for summer, as last season’s rosettes are joined by other species of flora. Following in the footsteps of 2023’s rosette chokers, various garden varietals are being affixed to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Summer’s take, however, is much more sophisticated, but just as dramatic. Think: sculptural florals, gilded petals, and various posh materials. Kylie Jenner has already cosigned the floral pendant, so you know this trend will cross-pollinate. Fast.

Under The Sea

Fact: Hot summer days are best spent near the water. Channel that energy wherever you go, by way of oceanic-inspired jewelry. Shells are a summer staple always, but other marine life, including starfish and crustaceans are making appearances on some of the biggest runways in the business (read: Schiaparelli). It’s the second wind of 2023-era mermaidcore, only chicer.

Cuffing Season

Necks, ears, and wrists may be your typical adorning sites, but TBH, it feels a little limiting. Upper arms are the new accessory erogenous zone, offering a blank canvas where you can pile on even more sparkle. Per the Fendi, Diesel, and Luar runways — not to mention every Gen Z girlie in the club — cuffs are back, after their noughties heyday.

It’s not restricted to just the bicep area, either. The arm cuff looks just as stylish placed right below the elbow. (Take the Rabanne, Tory Burch, and Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2024 shows as inspo.) This is prime accessorizing real estate, so decorate accordingly.

Turquoise Blue

Those familiar with country girl fashion know that bright turquoise has been a staple in Western imagery for generations — it’s always in style. But thanks to cowboycore icons like Beyoncé, Kelsea Ballerini, and Bella Hadid, turquoise is having a particularly good year.

All of the aforementioned style stars have rocked the stone in the past few weeks — and the fashion aftershock of it will be felt all summer long.

So Charming

Your favorite middle school accessory just got an upgrade. Charm bracelets, the grown-up version of friendship bracelets, are all about personalization, playfulness, and wearing your heart on your, well, wrist.

Embrace the kitsch with DIY collectible charms that represent memories and milestones, or go the easy route with a finished charm bracelet that comes already styled to perfection (like this medallion-laden one). You can’t go wrong either way.