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Your Jewelry Box Is About To Get So OTT, Thanks To These Glitzy Spring Trends

The baubles are baubling.

The biggest jewelry trends for Spring 2024.
Mejuri, Thorne, Neiman Marcus, and Brooke Callahan.
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If 2023 was all about “quiet luxury” and understated elegance, Spring 2024’s trends are amping up the volume. They’re not quite maximalist, but they’re undoubtedly a step toward the more dramatic. It’s not the season for subtlety, this spring is all about play.

Massive pendants — à la Serena van der Woodsen — are back on runways and streets, bearing flowers, abstract shapes, and all sorts of statement baubles. Unlike pendants of yore, these are elevated and positively buzzing with personality. Meanwhile, Western-inspired bolo ties will also be adorning necks this season — thanks, primarily, to Beyoncé and her latest album, Cowboy Carter.

The biggest jewelry trend of the 1980s — AKA the most flamboyant style era of the last century — is back, adorning lobes with chunky gold earrings. Even the most low-key styles (if you could even call them that) aren’t that understated at all. Tennis necklaces may be dainty, sure, but they’re also intrinsically glamorous.

Read on for more of Spring 2024’s buzziest jewelry trends. So long, minimalism — these styles are primed for flaunting.

Edgy Ball Chains

Plucked straight from 1995’s grunge era, the ball chain is back — in all its forms. Ball chain accessories — like necklaces, earrings, and more — add a tough-girl punch to any look.

These silver shoulder-dusters, for example, feel both glitzy and totally punk rock at the same time. Wear them with your most feminine pieces for an unexpectedly edgy note.

Statement Pendants

Remember back in the 2010s when statement pendants (owls, in particular) dangled at the bellybuttons of Hollywood’s most stylish? Well, their comeback has been a long time coming — and it’s finally here, with an elegant, grown-up twist.

This time around, necklaces are just as whimsical, but with a less exaggerated, more wearable length. Per the Spring 2024 runways of Roberto Cavalli, Chloé, and Courrèges, you can’t go wrong with luxe resin flowers, abstract shapes, or meaningful medallions.

Mixed Metals

This is a trend for all my indecisive girlies. Yep, mixed metals are back. Why choose between yellow gold, white gold, or silver, when you can wear them all at once? And nail that effortlessly-cool vibe in the process.

Buy dual-toned pieces for built-in coordination or, better yet, unleash your creativity by stacking separate pieces in various finishes. The possibilities are endless — just ask Sofia Richie, who’s a noted fan of mixing metallics.

Bolo Ties

This ain’t Texas, but it’ll sure look like it come spring. Since Beyoncé announced her country album, Cowboy Carter, her ’fits have been blatantly cowboy-coded, with one particular accessory making multiple appearances: the bolo tie.

Even Bella Hadid has been rocking the style lately, all but ensuring the necklace’s impending success. Go for a classic Western look with a turquoise stone or a high-fashion take with gold, as seen on 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Spring/Summer 2024 runway.


While Y2K-era butterflies have fluttered back into the zeitgeist in recent years, this season they’re ushering in even more members of the animal (and invertebrate) kingdom — as evidenced by the runways of Schiaparelli, Coach, and Blumarine.

Think: reptiles, crustaceans, and other types of critters adorning the necks, earlobes, and fingers of fashion’s finest. (Brooches — a big trend this year — are another easy way into the trend.)

Chunky ’80s Earrings

The ’80s are officially back. In the clothing department, shoulder pads, power suits, and leg warmers have dominated runways. Now, the decade’s most popular jewelry trend is also making a resurgence. Welcome back the chunky gold earrings of trends past.

Of course, this is largely due to the wonderfully tacky “mob wife” aesthetic. But if you’re craving more laid-back earlobe inspiration, look to models Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, who regularly adorn their ears with the gilded regalia.

Tennis Necklaces

With a generous number of gemstones, tennis necklaces have long been a posh choice for jewelry aficionados. And while they used to be reserved for dressier events, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence are incorporating the style into their off-duty outings.

This versatile piece will be your best friend this season, so dress it up or down as you wish. Great for stacking and effortlessly glam, these beauties are basically the plain white tees of the jewelry world.

Luxe Lariats

If you, too, have kept eyes on the décolletage of Hollywood’s AAA-list stars, you’ve likely already noticed that lariat necklaces have become a red carpet go-to. Rihanna, Florence Pugh, and Anne Hathaway have all rocked the elongated piece recently — and to great success. The rest of the industry is sure to follow.