Therabody’s All-In-One Facial Tool Is The Only Beauty Device I Need

It’s the holy grail of skin care devices.

Therabody’s TheraFace PRO is an all-in-one beauty tool that streamlines your at-home facial game.

The number of different facial tools that exist is enough to make your head spin — and as a beauty editor, I’ve tried practically all of them. As such, my own collection of gadgets that stimulate collagen, de-puff, tone, and zap acne-causing bacteria (and more) really warrants its own beauty cabinet. Whenever I’m in the mood to give myself a high-tech, at-home facial treatment, I pull open my overstuffed drawers and bins and dig through all of the different wires, cases, charging docks, and other accouterments to find the device I’m looking for, then queue up the corresponding video tutorial on my phone — which takes a while to do. And that’s why I’m often too overwhelmed to use one of these gadgets altogether, despite being a lover of any tool that promises a more radiant complexion.

When I got to experience a sneak peek at the new TheraFace PRO, a creation by Therabody (the brand behind the cult-favorite Theragun percussive therapy device), my mind was blown. Therabody founder and chief wellness officer Dr. Jason Wersland guided a small group of editors through the product’s six different modalities, and as I followed along and gave myself a facial, it was love at first use. Basically, it’s an all-in-one facial tool that offers practically every kind of skin care technology you could want in an at-home device, from LED light therapy to microcurrent and beyond. Read on to learn more about why the TheraFace PRO is the holy grail of beauty tools.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $399
  • Best for: De-puffing, toning, massaging tension, cleansing
  • Your rating: 5/5
  • Brand: Therabody
  • What we like: Easy to use, all-in-one, well designed
  • What we don't like: I’ve got nothing

What Is The TheraFace PRO?

The overall goal of the TheraFace PRO is to optimize people’s facial health with one handheld device that has interchangeable heads that do different things to improve your skin. If you’re wondering how a brand that makes muscle massagers and recovery devices got into the beauty game, Wersland’s reasoning makes a lot of sense. At the preview event, he said the product came to be after Therabody customers kept asking if they could use the Theragun device on their face for things like sinus headaches, migraines, and jaw tension.

“We started recognizing as a brand we need to start thinking about the shoulders up,” he said. “Everything else we have is for the shoulders down. We wanted to be able to use something that addressed all the same things we do for the body but on our face. It’s all about how we can help people take care of their facial health.” To do this, the TheraFace PRO offers six different skin-boosting modalities, which allow you to customize your at-home beauty treatments in a more convenient way than ever before.

How The Device Works


Now, to run through all the fun stuff the TheraFace Pro can do:

- Percussive facial therapy: No surprise here: Much like the Theragun works to massage out any tension in the body, the TheraFace PRO uses that same combo of frequency, amplitude, and torque to quash tightness in your facial muscles, and it comes with three different head attachments for different percussive therapy needs (a flat one for general use on the face, neck, and chest; a cone for treating targeted spots like the eye area and pressure points; and a micro-point for increasing circulation in larger areas).

- Cleansing Ring: There’s also a cleanser head, which is a silicone brush-like attachment you use in tandem with percussive therapy for a deeper facial cleanse (Clarisonic stans will love this).

-Microcurrent: This is one of my fave features. It offers microcurrent, aka the use of electrical current to firm and sculpt the skin — the same technology you’d get from the popular NuFace and ZIIP devices. You get a conductor gel when you buy the device, which is what you apply to your skin beforehand.

-LED Light Therapy: You can also treat yourself to LED light therapy via its three different rings: one with red light to stimulate collagen, one with blue light for treating breakouts, and a third with a combo of red and infrared light to help reduce fine lines and warm the skin to temporarily ease any discomfort in your face.

Separately, you can also buy hot and cold rings for an even more luxe at-home facial (the pair come together and cost $99). When you massage the heat therapy over your skin, it not only feels divine, but helps your complexion to better absorb the products you apply beforehand. And the cooling attachment helps shrink the appearance of your pores as it reduces redness and puffiness. (I love both of these attachments a lot.)

My Skin

I’m somewhere in my thirties, so one of my biggest skin concerns is keeping fine lines smooth and my elasticity as taught and bouncy as possible. Though my skin type is pretty normal and runs a bit dry, I can tolerate most things — which is why I love experimenting with beauty tools so much. The more intense zapping or vibrating or stimulating it can do, the better.

Of course, I’ve already admitted that I’m not very good at regularly using my facial devices — which basically renders their effects useless (most require consistent use for the most benefits). But ever since I got my hands on the TheraFace PRO, I’ve been really good at using the tool almost every day. While I love how effective my microcurrent devices and gua sha stone are at sculpting my skin, I’m too lazy to use them because it requires standing in front of my bathroom mirror as I watch a tutorial on the proper ritual to follow. Using the microcurrent technology on the Therabody product, however, doesn’t require this — during the preview event, a brand representative walked us through the protocol, which is incredibly simple. All you do is apply your conductor gel and glide the device along different areas of your face three times each until you hear the beep. This is something I now do while watching TV.

The Design


Everything about the TheraFace PRO is centered on ease of use. First of all, each head magnetically snaps into place on the wand, so changing the attachment is a cinch. It’s also comfortable to grip: The device is light and fits comfortably in your hand. There are just three buttons, one for powering it on and off, one for adjusting the intensity of your treatment, and another for controlling the intensity of the percussive therapy. If you’ve ever used a Theragun, BTW, this is a much gentler feeling, but the highest intensity is just strong enough to shake out any tightness in your face.

What’s really unique about its design (besides the removable attachments) is that you can use several facial modalities together. You can use its percussive therapy feature while gliding LED light over your skin or while cleansing your face with the cleanse attachment. Because of this, I use multiple modalities in one sitting — it’s just too easy not to.

Is It Worth It?

At $399, the TheraFace PRO sits somewhere in the middle of traditional beauty devices on the shelves. It’s just a tiny bit more expensive than the $329 NuFace Trinity, roughly $100 less than the ZIIP, and $200 more than the $199 Foreo Luna cleansing device. On the LED device front, LightStim’s wrinkle-fighting tool costs $249, as a reference. But, considering the fact that you’re getting light therapy, microcurrent, percussive therapy, and cleansing in one device, the $399 price tag is well worth it — and it’s a really good deal, TBH.

Final Verdict

I’m so in love with the TheraFace PRO that I’m seriously considering donating every other beauty tool in my cabinet (or storing them somewhere deep in my closet, at least). This device truly does everything you could need from a facial tool, rendering the need for anything else useless. With its sleek design, buffet platter of skin-boosting modalities, and ease of use (read: no need to follow a video to use it — though you could if you wanted to), my face is about to be in the best shape of its life.