27 Vetiver Perfumes For Fall 2023 That Are Earthy, Woody, & Luxurious

Snag something sensual for autumn.

Try a new vetiver perfume for your next fall fragrance. It smells earthy and luxe.
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When it comes to perfumes that define sweet summertime, the most beloved go-to scents of the sunny season are typically lightweight by nature. More often than not, they also tend to feature yummy top notes that are strongest at first spritz, like juicy peach for one, or even a breezy coconut note that gives it that tropical vibe.

As you head into the cooler fall season, however, fragrances tend to be a bit heavier in comparison, not dissimilar to throwing on extra layers, like your favorite worn leather jacket. What’s more, perfume compositions lean on the warmth of amber or even a bit of spice for that ultra-cozy feel.

Vetiver is one of those notes in perfumery that is a bit of a chameleon, adapting with the seasons and adding a dry earthiness that signals to both the heat of August and the chill of winter. “Vetiver can be used to enhance the freshness and woody warmth of a fragrance, or intensify the richness and depth,” notes Pascal Gaurin, the perfumer behind Henry Rose’s newest scent, Boys Of Summer.

Given that similarly woody notes have been a staple for the fashion-forward it-girls — namely, guaiac wood — it makes all the sense in the world that vetiver would appear in some of the most sultry and unique indie scents on the market.

Care to try one? Below, find 27 vetiver-filled perfumes for every single individual.

The type of scent that can be shared with anyone, Boys Of Summer is defined by awakening lavender, crisp pink peppercorn, and the warmth of vetiver and patchouli. Gaurin adds that he incorporated magnolia flower because it’s a “crisp and bright floral note that balances the fresh masculinity of [lavender], with a vetiver facet that reinforces its genderless fluidity.”

A subtly spiced aroma that’s ideal for the cool autumn months, Vetiver Elemi places the sensuousness of geranium with the woodiness of vetiver at centerstage, adding cardamom, cumin, and nutmeg for a truly gender-neutral scent that stuns.

A luxurious fragrance inspired by Paris’ infatuation with African culture in the late ’20s, Bal d'Afrique is filled with the essence of bergamot, lemon, violet, jasmine, black amber, and vetiver.

Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver is fresh, vibrant, and radiant as the smells of nostalgic basil, exotic fig, and neroli-soaked vetiver surround you.

An aroma that is meant to enliven your own dark side, Between Two Trees’ artful bottle houses the aromas of bright grapefruit, spiced cardamom, zingy ginger, and woody vetiver.

Described as the “deepest and darkest of all Le Labo creations,” Vetiver 46 prominently features a luxurious vetiver note, with aromas of pepper, guaiac wood, labdanum, and cedar wood supporting it.

A perfume that embodies the dry heat of the Western desert landscape, Cowboy Grass is made long-lasting by way of dreamy rosewood, wild thyme, heated vetiver, and a distinct grassy accord.

A unisex aroma that is equal parts sun-kissed and woody, Sunny Vetiver & Neroli is the perfect fragrance to transition from summer to fall.

Sparkling and seductive, Coco Mademoiselle is brimming with notes of vivid orange, elegant jasmine, and fresh vetiver.

A deeply sophisticated floral fragrance, Flower Tuxedo centers on the exotic and buttery orris flower, making it all the more complex with notes of bergamot, sandalwood, and vetiver.

A bold expression of the beloved Good Girl scent, Very Good Girl is made unique by playful lychee, seductive rose, and sweetened vetiver.

A luxurious scent for every gender, Sun Force is a warm and ambery, with notes of lush saffron, earthy rose, golden honey, and woody vetiver.

With what is described as a “ginger-ale-like freshness,” Escentric 03 is a bright aroma that bursts open with the vibrancy of crisp lime and sizzling ginger, before allowing the aromas of jasmine, vetiver, and leather musk to explore a rich, woody place.

For a sultry scent that nods to the effortless chicness of Parisian women, Avec Amour is a sensual skin scent brimming with musky amber, vetiver, ylang ylang, and bergamot.

Redefining what it means to be a feminine fragrance, Vetyverio contrasts the smokiness of vetiver with the classic beauty that is the rose flower in full bloom.

Sparkling and crisp, Joga features notes of Italian Bergamot, juicy blackcurrant, spiced black pepper, full-bodied magnolia, and ambery vetiver.

A fragranced representation of that period of time when summer is replaced by monsoon season, Vettiver Mousson is filled with evocative notes of earthy vetiver, heady jasmine, warm ylang ylang, and tobacco-like guaiac wood.

Rich and boozy in the best way, Vetiver & Golden Vanilla allows the aromas of earthy vetiver and vanilla bourbon to dance beautifully on your skin.

Demeter’s collection of fragrances are unique in that they feature individual notes, encouraging layering and play. If you’re on the market for a vetiver-filled perfume, its Vetiver is a safe bet.

DedCool has gained a cult following with its best selling scent called “Taunt” — and 05 “Spring” is just as lovely, as notes of earthy incense, smooth moss, crisp bergamot, and hints of vetiver melt together.

A luxe aroma that places Haitian vetiver at its center, Blushing Sands complements the dry note with spicy pink pepper and airy musk.

Uplifting and herbaceous, Tacit features notes of tart yuzu, crisp basil, and warm vetiver.

Akin to the mysterious dark side of the moon, Moon Fever aims to unveil the darkest facets of the vetiver note, pairing it with bitter orange and smooth, comforting leather.

Housed in a gorgeous seashell compact, Geranium + Vetiver Balm Botanical Perfume is a moisturizing fragrance balm that smells of earthy geranium, woody vetiver, and a hint of lavender bloom as it melts into your skin.

A garden of flower petals and woods filled within its glass bottle, Tiffany & Love is exploding with decadently juicy blackcurrant, whimsical tuberose, elegant vetiver, and smooth cedarwood.

A bit smokey once you spritz it on, Vetiver is made richly complex by way of bitter grapefruit peel, creamy white iris, tobacco-like guaiac wood, and warm vetiver.

An aroma that mimics that dewy essence of fog, this Henry Rose offering is where airy vetiver wood meets the freshness of citrus-drenched magnolia flowers.