26 Amber Perfumes For Fall 2023 That Give Cozy Cabincore Vibes

Cooler weather calls for warmer perfumes.

Here are amber perfumes to try for fall 2023.
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Alright, alright — summer has seemingly just begun. But in the world of beauty and fashion, mid-July is just around the time when tastemakers tend to look ahead to autumn trends.

With regard to fragrance, sun-filled summertime is undoubtedly defined by juicy fruity aromas (like peaches, for one), along with warm floral notes, like honeysuckle and orange blossom. Fall, on the other hand? Well, perfumes associated with the chillier season are most often a bit heavier and cozier, not dissimilar to throwing on a leather jacket or wrapping yourself in a chunky knit blanket. As for specific notes to watch for: Amber is no doubt leading the pack, alongside other faves like vanilla, or even the rising guaiac wood.

Carina Chaz, the founder and nose behind Dedcool’s cult-loved scents, says this of beloved note: “For centuries, the amber scent profile has symbolized beauty and radiance. [It’s] dynamic, elevated, and warm, [and] adds a layer of sweetness to any composition.” And being that it pairs so beautifully with just about every other note in a perfumer’s diverse palette, the aroma is entangled in countless compositions on the market (many of which you may already own).

Craving a bit of coziness by way of eau so cabincore aromas? Here are 26 amber-filled perfumes to get you ready for 2023’s upcoming fall SZN.


Donna Born In Roma Intense is captivating and magnetic, as the aromas vanilla, jasmine, and amber unfold.


Sensual and deeply luxurious, Soleil de Feu mimics the warmth of red-hued sunsets, with notes of earthy tuberose, smooth sandalwood, and resinous benzoin that melts on skin.


The type of scent that you can share with your partner, Mustang Sally is defined by woody petitgrain, citrusy neroli, freshly-picked orange flower, and cocooning amber.


Le Monde Gourmand’s TikTok-viral aromas are beloved for good reason — and truly, Crème Vanille is yummy standout. The key notes? A fluffy vanilla is made all the more richly complex by way of bright apricot, elegant jasmine petals, and melted brown sugar.


A genderless scent that has garnered a cult-following, Taunt has a warm aroma wraps around you like a worn leather jacket. “The amber note mixed with the bergamot citrus profile brings warmth and brightness to Taunt's full bodied composition,” Chaz shares with Bustle.


Powerful and fierce, Ambre Nuit is a boldly floral, subtly spiced expression of the well-loved amber accord.


Smokey, syrupy, and brimming with a sweetness clouded by darkness, Vanille Antique is made of cashmere musk, wood, and amber.


A French phrase that means "into the woods," Dans Les Bois opens with bright lemon and juicy blood orange, quickly turning into a wild bouquet of lavender, saffron, and sage backed by amber woods.


A refreshing aroma that brings that summery heat into the start of fall, 002 Neroli, Jasmine and White Amber is sensual and radiant.


Velvety and sumptuous, Amber Musk is filled with unexpected notes, like cool coconut water and romantic rose.


As inviting as a warm hug from a loved one, Grand Soir wraps around you with the scent of sticky vanilla and gilded amber.


An aroma that smells like a bottled version of gold hour, Nest’s Golden Nectar is dripping in notes of warm orchid, creamy vanilla, and sueded amber.


A perfume that truly embodies the cozy cabincore aesthetic, Somebody Wood is filled with notes of dreamy sandalwood, warm musk, and an amber note that’s reminiscent of a burning fireplace.


Long-lasting and statement-making, Alien Goddess is a luxe fragrance filled with empowering aromas, like exotic bergamot, intoxicating vanilla, warm amber, and otherworldly jasmine.


A lightweight scent that even protects strands from damaging UV rays, the Hair & Body Fragrance Mist from Moroccanoil is filled with sun-kissed amber and dreamy magnolia.


A bit exotic by nature, INVITE ONLY AMBER | 23 features notes of seductive vanilla, awakening cinnamon, and resinous amber.


ICYMI: Ashley Tisdale’s brand Being Frenshe has gone completely viral on TikTok. As for Citrus Amber? The bright aroma is brimming with fragrance notes such as vibrant lemon, juicy clementine, and creamy orange blossom that will awaken your senses (even on those chilly fall days).


An intimate second-skin scent, Billie Eilish’s debut perfume, Eilish, features softly sweet notes of sugared flower petals, decadent cocoa, and creamy vanilla for an amber gourmand fragrance that smells of comfort.


Recently revealed as one of Gigi Hadid’s favorite fragrances, My Burberry Black is filled with a luxe warmth by way of sun-drenched jasmine, candied rose, and cozy amber.


Demeter’s collection of fragrances are unique in that they feature individual notes, encouraging layering and play. If you’re on the market for an amber-filled perfume, its Amber is heated perfection.


Like wrapping yourself in a cashmere blanket, vanilla orchid and golden amber make SUPER AMBER warm, cozy, and ultra-enticing.


Lavender is undoubtedly soothing to the senses, though truly, amber’s scent is too. That makes Amber & Lavender a cologne that is warm, aromatic, and calming all the same.


This grand, oud-based fragrance isn’t for the faint of heart — but it’s not overpowering, either. Opening with a bright burst of mandarin and pink pepper, Opus XV King Blue settles into the skin and leaves a warm, woody trail of amber, oak and oud behind.


Sleek and spiced, Amber is where the dry patchouli meets the liveliness of bergamot-soaked sandalwood.


Joyful to its core, Tiger Lily brings a whole lot of warmth by way of orange flower and vanilla amber for those pesky end of summer woes.


An aroma that is inspired by rich, golden palaces covered in exquisite art, Stellar Times is a heated, amber-y fragrance at heart, with whispers of orange blossom and white woods.