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Why Walking Is “Fundamental” Self-Care For This Community Organizer

GirlTrek co-founder Vanessa Garrison explains how and why to make it part of your routine.

By Rita Omokha
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Motorsport Driver Jamie Chadwick Isn’t Racing For Anyone But Herself

The racing driver and first British woman to win an F3 race talks firsts, Formula 1 hopes, and handling the pressure.

By Kay Leong
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Rhiane Fatinikun Is Leading A Movement To Reclaim The Outdoors

The Black Girls Hike founder discusses building community, dismantling stereotypes, & getting back to nature.

By Chanté Joseph
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Trainer Meg Boggs On Using IG To Bring Body Inclusivity To Fitness

“Representation is the first step to all the other things that could happen.”

By Kathleen Ferraro
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How Ramla Ali Is Changing The Face Of Boxing & Creating Safe Spaces

“The ultimate aim is to make sport a fairer place for women.”

By Sam Rogers
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Massy Arias Is Leading A Mental Health Revolution Through Fitness

“Fitness is more than just the workout itself. It's your way to cope and your way to connect to your body.”

By Antonia DeBianchi
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How 1 Athlete Is Making Waves For LGBTQ+ Representation In Surfing

"I'm proud of who I am."

By Jay Polish
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Chelsea Jackson Roberts Is Rewriting What Yoga Looks Like In The U.S.

"To be at Peloton right now is important for rewriting the narrative of who yoga is for."

By Rachel Lapidos
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Meet The Curve Catwalk Founder Who’s Leading A Plus Size Dance Revolution

“Dancing is my joy, it’s part of my self-care.”

By L'Oréal Blackett
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Amy Collado's Butter Roll Skating Club Is Changing BIPOC Wellness

"Creating space is one of the strongest things we represent."

By Rachel Lapidos