11 Wellness Gifts For The Self-Care Devotees On Your List

Including a sports bra that doubles as a fitness tracker.

The 11 most creative wellness gifts for the self-care devotees on your shopping list.
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Pretty much everyone partakes in some form of wellness, in one way or another. But there’s always that one friend who closes their Apple Watch rings every single day, has already checked out the newest fitness studio in town, and can rattle off the names of various adaptogens without batting an eye. And it’s that person who would be particularly excited to receive one of the best wellness gifts for the holidays this year.

To help you parse the shelves for items that would truly impress the self-care devotee on your list, this is an ultra-curated bunch of the most covetable health-boosting gadgets, all of which will level up an already sophisticated wellness routine. Think: activewear that also works as a fitness tracker, a vibrating muscle massager, a de-stressing orange-flavored CBD tincture, a party pack of high-vibe non-alcoholic cocktails, and more. Keep reading for the best health and wellness essentials you can buy right now.

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A Wearable Tracker

Whoop, the fitness tracker that monitors your physical activities, heart rate (and heart rate variability), and sleep, recently introduced another way to use its technology besides wearing the band around your wrist: through your activewear. This cozy bralette, which comes in size XS to XL, offers support and has a slot for your Whoop so you can chart your metrics as you move.


A High-Vibe Healing Mat

Take the healing power of infrared heat and pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy on the go with this mat from HigherDose. The two wellness modalities work to help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and promote relaxation and better sleep, and all you have to do is lie down on it. Talk about a power nap.


A Yoga Membership

Gift your friend some yoga by way of a Sky Ting membership. If you’re not familiar, Sky Ting is a New York City-based studio that offers a range of virtual classes, from vinyasa to restorative flows and guided meditations — perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced yogis.


A Tasty CBD Oil

Not all CBD tinctures are created equal. For a dose of the wellness elixir that doesn’t leave that not-so-palatable aftertaste, this one reigns supreme: It’s smooth and orange-flavored, making it much easier to consume.


A Sleep Enhancer

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. To ensure your BFF gets restful Zzzs, buy them this pillow — it’s made of cushy memory foam, but also uses far-infrared energy to deliver a slew of benefits as you snooze (think better circulation and relaxed muscles). It’s also cooling, so it’ll always feel like you’re on the colder side of the pillow.


A Powerful Massager

If your friend never misses a workout, they’ll appreciate the Theragun. The percussive therapy device uses vibrations to melt away muscle tension and body aches, basically functioning as a handheld massage therapist. Go with the PRO for the most powerful option the brand offers.


A Chic Health Tracker

The Oura Ring is perfect if you’re looking for a fashionable health tracker. You’ll get info on your sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, fitness activities, and more, all in the form of a chic and subtle ring.


An Instagrammable Blender

Any smoothie lover will be happy to receive the Beast Blender this holiday season. It’s ergonomically designed, ultra-powerful, and not an eyesore on your kitchen counter.


A Perfect Yoga Mat

Cork yoga mats are great for a number of reasons: First of all, they’re non-slip, which comes in handy for your sun salutations. But the material is also naturally antimicrobial, so it’ll be more resistant to all the buildup that a typical mat tends to accumulate.

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A Self-Care Essential

Upgrade your friend’s skin care game with a full set of foot therapy essentials. The kit includes resurfacing pads, a moisturizing oil, and exfoliating pads, plus a pumice stone — aka everything you need to keep your feet baby-soft.


Some Feel-Good Beverages

Gift the Bella Hadid-approved non-alcoholic spritzers from Kin, a line of functional beverages — one that promotes focus and one that helps you wind down. Both are herbaceous blends that make for a delicious treat.

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