11 Weird Ways To Wake Yourself Up ASAP, Because Being Tired Is The Worst

Isn't it awful when you climb into bed (admittedly kind of late in the evening), and just like that it's morning? Waking up when you're still feeling tired is difficult — especially when you realize you have to be at work pretty much right now. With only moments to get out of bed and get ready, it's necessary to figure out ways to wake yourself up ASAP. Usually, this is done with an onslaught of coffee and energy drinks.

But eventually the coffee runs out (sad face), and/or you simply can't stomach another sugary caffeinated beverage. This is when the less obvious ways of waking yourself up can come in handy. These are the little tricks that get blood flowing to your head, clear the bleariness from your eyes, and help you to feel like a human again.

Of course, a good night's sleep is always the best way to achieve this. Everyone should be snagging those recommended seven to nine hours a night, according to the National Sleep Foundation. And yet, nobody is perfect and occasionally tiredness reigns supreme.

When that's the case, you can promise yourself to get more sleep tonight. But until then, you might try some fancy tricks to keep your eyes open at work. Below are some ways to do just that — no coffee required.

1. Make Your Bed

You got out of bed, congrats. Now, before you stumble off and do anything else, turn right around and make it. "While making your bed just might be the chore you’ve hated since you were a kid, for a lot of people this simple act can feel like your first accomplishment of the morning and leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer the rest of your day," says Sarrah Hallock, Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach from GoodLooks, in an email to Bustle.

2. Tug On Your Hair

I know this one sounds truly bizarre, but it does work. All you have to do is gently tug at your hair to get blood flowing to your head, according to Matthew Rogers on Lifehacker.com. The sensation will wake you right up, and make it easier to get on with the day.

3. Go Look At The Sky

Even if you're rushing sleepily into the office, and are dying to sit down, I bet you can still find time to spend a few moments outside. "The proverbial 'breath of fresh air' has been shown to reduce feelings of stress and fatigue," said Kate Bratskier on HuffingtonPost.com. The benefits will be totally worth it, so go catch yourself some rays.

4. Pop A Super Minty Mint

Nodding off? Then dig through your desk for a pack of gum, or a tin of mints. And the stronger you can find the better, since the effervescent effects will do a great job of waking you up, according to Rogers.

5. Read Some Fiction

If you're too sleepy to concentrate on your inbox, then it might be a good idea to step away and do something else for a while. You might want to delve into a good book, according to Lauren Minchen, MPH, RDN, CDN, in an email to Bustle, or try doing something creative. "Writing can also help wake up the brain and the body," she says.

6. Drink A Cold Glass Of Water

Even if the coffee has run out, you can still pop in the kitchen and pour yourself a cold (very cold) glass of water. "Like [a cold] shower, it’ll trigger your adrenaline and boost blood flow to your brain," Bratskier said. All good things when you're seconds away from falling asleep.

7. Smell A Zesty Essential Oil

Ever notice how bright, happy scents can perk you right up? Use this to your advantage by keeping a few essential oils stashed in your desk. "Eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary are all scents known for having uplifting and energizing effects," said Amy Marturana on SELF. So get thy sleepy self to a health food store and stock up.

8. Puzzle Yourself Awake

If you're too tired to get up or go outside, then the least you can do is reach for a fun puzzle. "If you can't stimulate your body, stimulate your brain," suggested Kevin Daum on Inc.com. "Try a crossword or play Sudoku." Anything that will get your brainwaves flowing.

9. Strike Up A Convo With A Stranger

Let's say you're standing at the bus stop, and feel your eyelids closing. The best thing you can do (besides, uh, maybe going to bed a bit earlier tonight), is to strike up a conversation with a stranger. "Acting tired is no big deal in front of friends, but our bodies tend to wake up pretty quickly to avoid any sort of social awkwardness," Rogers said.

10. Treat Yourself To A Little Shopping Spree

Don't go completely wild in your half-asleep daze, but do allow yourself a few moments of online shopping. "The rush of buying something new is always good for a perk up," Daum said. "Make an early birthday or Xmas list, or better yet, buy someone you like a gift."

11. Flip Your Head Upside Down

Yes, you might look a bit nuts at work, but this quick trick really can get rid of sleepiness. "With feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart, bend down as far as you can go and look back between your legs," Rogers suggested. "The massive rush of blood to the head can be a big pick-me-up, just be sure you don't come back up too quickly, or dizziness replaces clarity."

Trying a few of these tricks might be just what you need to wake up fast, and make it through the day.

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