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11 DM Slides Inspired By Bridgerton

Me, available. You, desirable.

Fun ways to slide into someone's DMs, inspired by the Netflix series Bridgerton.

Why slide into someone's DMs with the same tired lines, when you could slide into someone's DMs Bridgerton-style? The Netflix series, which is undeniably sexy, is an utter treasure trove of saucy quotes and heart-pounding one-liners. Not to mention, nothing says "budding romance" quite like fanciful, Regency-era lingo. Amiright?

Between Daphne Bridgerton's witty comments, and the Duke of Hastings' overall smolder, the show is nothing short of inspirational for anyone in the early days of love. That's why, if you spot someone on social media and would like to send a message — maybe it's a friend of a friend, or even a cute stranger — a quick reference might feel right.

A DM will never be as nice as a letter hand written by candlelight, and it certainly won't compare to an extravagant ball, or even a personal house call. But it's the best we can do in this day and age. And if done right, it can even be kind of romantic.

Here, a few ways to slide into someone's DMs using Bridgerton quotes, as well as general 1800s language. Try it out, just for fun, and see if your potential love interest responds in kind. Because if they happen to get the reference? Well, you'll be practically betrothed.

"My, my, my. Aren't you rakish."

While the meaning of rake doesn't always have the most positive connotations — especially when used by judgmental family members at dinner — it's also synonymous with handsome and flirtatious. So go ahead and call your crush rakish, and see if it kicks off a saucy conversation.

"Me, available. You, desirable."

This one is based off the Duke's quote, "Me, unavailable. You, desirable," but it's slightly altered for the purposes of sliding into someone's DMs.

Not only does it make it plain as day that you're single and looking, it also offers the receiver a compliment — which is always a good way to begin flirting.

"You're flawless, my dear."

Lifted from the scene where Daphne appears before Queen Charlotte, who takes one look at her and says, "Flawless, my dear."

Because you know who else is flawless? The person reading your DM.

"You're a diamond of the first water."

After Daphne is declared flawless, Lady Whistledown announces to London's high society that she's "the season's incomparable" and a "diamond of the first water."

While this line is almost too 1800s, it's a great compliment all the same.

"Tell me your name. Your name, sir?"

In episode one, as Daphne is running away from Nigel Berbrooke (as one does) she bumps into the Duke and asks his name.

Hopefully, if the person you're DMing has any taste whatsoever, they'll respond with, "Am I honestly to believe you do not already know my name?" And you'll be off to the races.

"I'd give anything to promenade with you."

Promenades were the way to get to know someone while courting in Regency-era London. But they work perfectly today, too.

Send this message and ask if your love interest would like to go on a socially distanced walk along a lake, take a trip to a park, or partake in any other Bridgerton inspired date.

"We shall do what women do. We shall talk."

Use this Lady Bridgerton line to kick off a witty conversation in your DMs. To keep the discussion lively — as they so expertly do in the Bridgerton household — look for shared interests including favorite books, music, and (of course) TV shows you're currently obsessed with.

"It seems the art is not the only beautiful thing on display at present."

In episode three, Lord Weaver sweeps into an art gallery and tries to woo Daphne with this line. It doesn't work (spoilers) but it's cool nonetheless.

"I'm swooning."

As a historical romance, it's practically required that Bridgerton feature near-constant swooning. If someone isn't fainting onto a couch, they're going weak in the knees at a ball — and so on.

If looking at your love interest makes you feel like Cressida Cowper in the presence of Lord Weaver, or Prudence Featherington before the Queen, this DM is for you.

"I should very much like to hold your hand."

While Bridgerton seems downright X-rated at times, courting in Regency-era London always started with something innocent, like a quick glance of the eyes or a light touch of the hand — like Daphne and the Duke in the art gallery.

Say something like this, and see where it leads.

"There are no others. There is only you."

This line from the show is forward, no doubt about it. But sometimes DMs require the sender to be bold, just like Daphne, Simon, and the rest of the Bridgerton cast.

Direct, sweet, and sometimes sexy communication seems to work well for them, so here's hoping these DMs work for you.