An Honest Review Of Hailey Bieber's Favorite Cube-Shaped Pillow

Side sleepers, listen up.

My honest review of the Pillow Cube, Hailey Bieber's favorite pillow.
Pillow Cube; Getty Images/ Kevin Mazur/MG21 / Contributor

As someone who has had the same pillow for probably (OK, definitely) too long, I thought: Why not go all-out and replace it with Hailey Bieber’s favorite pillow? In her husband Justin Bieber’s new documentary, Justin Bieber: Our World, the supermodel can be seen sleeping on a particularly square one... and she looks pretty darn comfy.

The pillow in question is by the brand Pillow Cube and is actually shaped like a cube. According to the company, it’s mainly designed to benefit side sleepers. That’s because its square shape supports your head and neck by filling in what it dubs the “pillow hole,” aka the nook between your shoulder and head. Not only does the cube purportedly hold your body in perfect alignment so that you can sleep comfortably without having to adjust throughout the night, but the company also says that side sleeping is extra healthy (compared to back or stomach sleep) because it helps with circulation, respiration, and digestion. Hence why it created a pillow that promotes this sleeping position.

So, did I breathe deeply, sleep soundly, and wake up feeling a bit more like the model and media personality herself? I put Hailey Bieber’s favorite pillow to the test to see — read on for my Pillow Cube review.

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Meet The Pillow Cube

Since the Pillow Cube comes in a variety of thicknesses, it helps to take their quick quiz before ordering. It asks questions like, “Do you generally sleep on your side?” and “Would you like to sleep on your side more?” and even “Do you prefer big spoon, little spoon, or no spoon?” The way you answer determines which pillow cube thickness is best for you. I was matched with the 5-inch cube (you can go with either 4, 5, or 6 inches). You could also buy the Classic size — a better option for traveling with — but I got the Pro, which is basically a standard pillow size. The Pro costs about $88 compared to the $60 Classic, but both feature a carbon core that regulates your body temperature as you sleep (so it’ll supposedly always feel like the cool side of the pillow), a breathable soft cover, and memory foam.

My pillow arrived at my house vacuum-sealed bag inside a thin brown box. I took it out and let the viscoelastic foam puff up, which morphed into its final form about 20 minutes later. I also let my pillow air out for a few hours, since the company says it might smell like plastic wrap, but that the smell will dissipate. (It did.) Then I slipped on the custom pillow cube shell, and got ready to sleep like Bieber.

Testing The Pillow Cube

Carolyn Steber

Full disclosure: I’ve always been a flat pillow kind of gal. As a natural stomach sleeper, I like one that’s barely raised at all so that I can enjoy my best face-down sleep. Sure, I wake up with my bangs askew, but it’s always been worth it to me.

All of that is to say it took a minute for my body to adjust to the cube-ness of the Pillow Cube, even though it really did wedge perfectly into the space between my head and shoulder. (Thank you, quiz!) I also tried lying on my back — as you can see Bieber do in the documentary — as well as on my stomach, just to see how versatile it is.

The back position felt comfortable, with the pillow being just wide enough to support my neck. But this pillow is a definite no-go for stomach sleepers. It’s just too thick and the foam doesn’t have enough give to make it feasible. That’s OK — the pillow is meant for side sleepers, after all, and I did answer “yes” to the quiz question “Would you like to sleep on your side more?” So I shifted myself into that position, pretended I was in a hotel in Beverly Hills, and went to sleep.

What I Think About Hailey Bieber’s Favorite Pillow

The next three nights were more of the same: Me purposefully lying on my side, all the while thinking about the health benefits I might be getting from aligning my body this way versus smashing half my face into my pillow for stomach sleep. I kept waking up in the middle of the night in my usual stomach position, but I quickly readjusted and kept snoozing.

I also used the pillow when reading before bed. The 5-inch thick foam created a nice little wedge to lean back on so that I could look down at my book without having to crane my neck. (Side note: I caught my dog using the pillow, which was, of course, adorable.)

It’s been about a week since I received the Pillow Cube and I’m still getting used to sleeping on my side. That said, I really do think the supportive, firm foam might eventually train my body to sleep that way naturally.

I’d heard about the benefits of side sleeping before and, while I’ll always allow myself to grab some sweet, sweet stomach sleep once in a while if I truly need it, I’m totally down to continue adjusting to snoozing on my side if it means being a little bit healthier in the long run. Better digestion, respiration, circulation, and getting Bieber’s stamp of approval? I’m all for it.