4 Genius Goal-Setting Tips, Straight From Pinterest Creators

Motivating inspo right this way.

4 brilliant Pinterest goal-setting tips for a productive fall reset.
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Labor Day always feels like a last hurrah of some sort: Once that long weekend is over, a sense of getting back to reality floods the air — the same feeling that makes you want to buy school supplies despite having graduated years ago. But even if you’re not exactly going back to school, fall is a prime time to get organized. Enter: Pinterest’s goal-setting tips.

If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a treasure trove for all sorts of inspo — and that includes plenty of creative hacks, quotes, and how-tos focused on setting goals and readying your space (and mind!) for a fresh start. As it turns out, the new year isn’t the only time to set resolutions: According to data from Pinterest, August showed a surge in searches for “routine”-related boards, as well as content pertaining to “goals,” “organization,” “budgeting,” and “positivity” — all in the name of a productive fall.

On the board-sharing app, you’ll find countless pins on all of these topics that’ll help you get motivated. But for a head start, Bustle spoke with top Pinterest creators for their best goal-setting tips that’ll have you feeling super inspired.

Pinterest Goal-Setting Tips

1. Gather Your Tools For Success

For professional track and field athlete Domonique Panton, collecting useful Pins serves as a helpful resource. “I love creating different boards where I save Pins that relate to my goals,” she tells Bustle. Right now, Panton’s working on increasing her flexibility. “I have a board that I use to pin different stretches, exercises, yoga flow videos, and so much more to help me come up with different yoga and stretch routines each day,” she says.

2. Set Up Micro-Goals

Having self-confidence is key to achieving your goals, says blogger Isabelle Dias. To build yours, she believes in focusing on self-efficacy — aka your belief in your ability to get things done. “Every time you complete a task or can successfully finish something, you put one more block into your self-efficacy wall,” she tells Bustle. “Create small daily wins for yourself with that in mind.” If you want to read a book, for instance, she suggests setting a goal to read two pages — something super small — that you can check off to boost your determination.

3. Create An Environment That Fosters Productivity

According to interior designer Tommy Lei, being in the right atmosphere can help you in achieving your goals. “The best tip I have is to invest in multi-functional furniture,” he says. His fave piece? This desk from Dims Home that also works as a vanity. “A well-built media sideboard is also another great storage hack — it can easily hide all your linens, blankets, and other bedroom essentials out of plain sight,” he says, suggesting Castlery’s Luna Console.

4. Think About Process-Focused Goals

Try focusing on what you need to do to reach your goal rather than the goal itself. “When you create process-based goals, you focus all your attention on following a system that leads you to your goals,” says Nory Pouncil, a self-trust coach. This is meant to keep you from feeling defeated or giving up if you don’t reach them, she adds. Want to make $5,000 in two months? Tell yourself to save a certain amount of money each month. “Goals [like this] leave you more room for uncontrollables,” says Pouncil, “and bring you closer to your desired outcome because you focus on progress, not perfection.”