On TikTok, "Cbat" Has Been Named The Worst Sex Song Ever

How one person’s confession went viral.

If there’s one thing TikTok is good for, it’s making a meme out of literally anything. Couch Guy, West Elm Caleb, and “gorgeous gorgeous girls” just scratch the surface of viral Internet Things that have made their way around the app. But it’s TikTok sounds, in particular, that tend to play a large part in the platform’s trends. If you’ve scrolled through the app recently, there’s almost no question that you’ve heard the song “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke. Attached to a video about a post by Reddit user u/TylerLife, the tune has now been used in over 182,000 videos — all of which confirm that it’s absolutely not the best song to have sex to.

Wild Reddit stories have become a popular staple across the app, and the hashtag #redditstories has amassed 18.7 billion views and counting. Whether it’s users sharing confessions, hilarious mistakes, or spooky stories, these have made their way into some major TikTok trends. The “Cbat” Reddit story has been the most recent example, which involves a cringe-worthy sex tale that, according to the 37.2 million views on the original video, will likely go down in history as a major internet moment. So, what exactly is the “Cbat” Reddit story? Read on for all the details, and prepare to wince from secondhand embarrassment.

The “Cbat” Reddit Story, Explained

Although it can be hard to admit sometimes, many people have an embarrassing sex story or two. We are human, after all — but some sexcapade mistakes are a little more humiliating than others. On Sept. 1, TikTok user @redditrave posted a video containing a screenshot of a Reddit post by a Reddit user named u/TylerLife. In the TikTok, a narrating voice read the entire Reddit post and played a clip of “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke at the end.

Here’s the deal: The story involves the user who was having trouble having good sex with his girlfriend. As he tried figuring out how to gain better skills in bed, u/TylerLife learned that you can match your movement to music. Off he went making a playlist of sex songs, when, lo and behold, his girlfriend started to complain about the song he was using. Then came the big reveal of the song he liked to use for his lovemaking: “Cbat.” With its fast and syncopated rhythm, the beats of the song are short and frantic — not exactly the best fit for a romp in the sheets.

Creators on the app took the hilarious story and ran with it, making hundreds of thousands of videos with the sound — many demonstrating what it looks like to gyrate to the, uh, not-so-sexy beat. If you’re interested in jumping on the trend, find the original sound here. Hip stretches are recommended.