People Are Streaming Workout Classes On Twitch — Here Are 10 Worth Trying

The platform isn't just for games anymore.

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From a forearm plank, kick your heel towards your butt to work glutes.

As at-home exercise becomes the norm, gyms and trainers are digitizing their workouts, so you can find them all over the streaming world, from Instagram to YouTube and virtual studios like Peloton. Lately, Twitch, a popular live-streaming gaming platform, has been getting in on the online workout boom. If you're new to the site or only use it for game time, here are the best Twitch channels for home workouts worth following.

Though Twitch isn't necessarily known for its fitness programming, it is a widely popular online platform. The gaming site boasts an average of more than two million viewers at any given time, according to Statista, and data from Twitch shows the site amassed more than one trillion minutes watched in 2020. And the workouts on Twitch just might be here to stay — The New Consumer and Coefficient Capital surveyed 3,500 people and found that more than half prefer at-home workouts to their pre-pandemic fitness routine.

If you're all about the real-time shoutouts you get from your trainer on Instagram Live, then you'll love Twitch's interactive atmosphere. Use the chat sidebar during workouts to ask questions or interact with other viewers so that your solo sweat sesh feels more like a group activity. To get acquainted with your new virtual gym, try these 10 Twitch channels to get your sweat on from the comfort of home (and perhaps cool down with some hard-earned game time).



Get your sweat on with Josh "Xaryu" Lujan, a gamer who's making the Twitch community a healthier place by showing his viewers that you don't have to pick between gaming and staying fit. He streams his workouts from his home gym, where he'll guide you through muscle-conditioning routines that target your upper and lower body, as well as gentler mobility exercises like yoga. Added bonus for all you World of Warcraft fans: Lujan plays, so you can tune in for WOW content after you sweat.



Tune in to AmberGlowYoga for workouts that run the gamut from gentle yoga and vinyasa flows to inversion tutorials and stretching sessions. And if you'd like to take your post-flow relaxation to the next level, stick around for her ASMR streams of soothing sounds to quiet your mind.


Fit For Purpose

Get your cardio fix (and so much more) with Fit For Purpose, a Twitch fitness show featuring Australia-based Jeff and Grace, a personal trainer and streamer duo. Whether you want to sweat it out with some heart-pumping exercises or flex your muscles with strength training, Fit For Purpose has got you covered with full workouts and individual exercise tutorials, many with no equipment needed.



Gymshark, the popular UK athletic apparel and accessories brand, is hitting the Twitch scene with a weekly lineup of live workouts. Catch classes led by Gymshark trainers that cover everything from heart-pumping HIIT to strength-building yoga. There's nothing like a British accent to power you through your final set of plank jacks.


Aiping Tai Chi

If releasing stress is your endgame, Aiping Tai Chi streams can help your anxieties melt away. The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi combines slow, gentle movements and deep breathing to balance your energy flows, and this Twitch channel guides you through it to help calm your mind and body.



Looking for a killer strength training session that can be done on your living room floor? MikeFIT403 has you a slew of exercise options. Try his bands and bodyweight series to target different muscle groups with resistance exercises, or get your heart pounding with his AMRAP-style HIIT workouts to conquer cardio and strength training all in one. And why not make it a party? Mike has family-friendly workouts you can do with your whole household.



Boost your strength, mobility, and zen with YogOhana, the Twitch channel of a certified yoga instructor and trainer named Tony. Flow it out to vinyasa sequences, pick a playful movement class incorporating yoga and strength training, or tune in to biweekly flows set to the beats of a live DJ.



If you have a solid home gym setup (think weights, balance balls, and bands), follow along with streamer Silfy_Star as she slays challenging strength training workouts. You can pick between from her leg or ab/arm day series to work your entire body before settling into the couch for your next gaming session.



Get your groove on with personal trainer, professional dancer, and self-proclaimed average gamer Jeff Mumford of MumfuriousFitness live from his living room. He teaches dance parties and challenging strength workouts that both work to release stress and have some fun.



Prepare to feel the burn with Twitch streamer Yazkova. Subscribe ($5/month) for cardio HIIT, sculpt, yoga, and resistance training workouts with little to no equipment required, then cool down to the tunes of one of her DJ sets.

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