Wall Pilates Is The Low-Impact Workout Taking Over FitTok

Who knew walls could be so useful?

Wall Pilates is the low-impact fitness trend all over TikTok — here's how to do it.

Wall Pilates, a fitness trend that’s been taking off on TikTok, is just what it sounds like: Pilates with a wall. Instead of doing bridges on a mat or one hundreds on a Pilates reformer, you shimmy up next to the nearest partition and use it as a support system while you exercise. A wall can add (literal) structure to your usual workout routine, and it can also take your usual moves up a notch by adding elevation.

Pilates has experienced a resurgence in recent years, which is likely one reason why the wall variety has quickly racked up over 6.5 billion views on FikTok. It also happens to be very versatile. According to Helen O'Leary, a physiotherapist and director at Complete Pilates, you can think about the wall as a prop, similar to a Pilates ball or ring. So the exercises end up being pretty similar to what you’d do in any other Pilates workout — save for some subtle differences. “Wall Pilates is different to reformer Pilates as you don’t have the mechanism of the springs to resist and assist your movement,” she tells Bustle. “Because of this, your resistance is your body weight.”

Set up next to a sturdy wall and you can pretty much try any Pilates move you’d do on a mat. “Stretches are lovely here as the wall can support your movement and help you get deeper into your hip positions,” O’Leary says. “Exercises like bridges also are very supported and you will find you get more spine mobility.” To give it a try, keep scrolling for 9 of the best wall Pilates workouts you can stream on YouTube.


10-Minute Beginner-Friendly

If you’re trying wall Pilates for the first time, try this 10-minute beginner workout from Callie Jardine on YouTube. You’ll ease in with a stretch before scooting over to the wall for a glute bridge series and other simple, easy-to-follow Pilates moves. It’s what you’d typically do on a mat, but this time your legs are elevated for a slightly different take on the classics.


20-Minute Intermediate

For an intermediate option, go for this video from Wild Waves Yoga. You’ll do a round of slow bridges, followed by core exercises like bicycle crunches, standing moves like heel lifts, some balance training, and even upper and lower body stretches. This routine will remind you that Pilates is all about moving slowly and with control, so you’ll really feel the burn.


30-Minute Full-Body Pilates

Use the wall for support and an added challenge in this class from Pilates with Donna Finnie that works every muscle in your body. The class starts off nice and easy and then builds up to tougher moves — think split squats, wall push-ups, and side planks — over the course of 30 minutes. By the end, you’ll have effectively worked your arms, core, legs, and glutes.


5-Minute Ab Workout

If all you have is five minutes, you can still squeeze in a great ab workout with this speedy routine from Taylor R. Engage all your core muscles as you do each move for 30 seconds. Get ready to slide your heels up the wall for elevated glute bridges, then flip over for mountain climbers with your legs elevated, and then back again for lifted tabletop crunches. You’re definitely going to feel it afterward.


30-Minute Full-Body + Breathwork

This workout from Pilates on Demand starts with breathwork. You’ll be encouraged to lean back against the wall to check your posture, lengthen your muscles, and practice breathing to initiate your mind-body connection before you dive into the exercises. Move through things like spinal twists, side bends, oblique exercises, upper core work, bridges, and plenty of leg work.


10-Minute Abs & Legs

To add your legs into the mix, go for this short workout from Trifecta Pilates that zeros in on your abs and lower body. Press your feet firmly into the wall as you do exercises like pelvic curls, crunches, ab pulses, and oblique curls. It’s a tough one, but it gets the job done.


15-Minute Wall Pilates

LucyLFitness has a great wall workout that takes things up a notch: It features seven exercises and four circuits with a one-minute rest between each set. You’ll do wall sits, arm raises, toe touches, split squats, hip thrusts, and wall touches before ending with wall push-ups. Whew.


10-Minute Beginner

Plant your feet up against a wall and follow along with Renée Mowatt through a series of crunches, one hundreds, hip thrusts, leg raises, and toe touches. Each exercise lasts for 60 seconds followed by 10-second breaks. The best part? You get to lie back the entire time. Don’t worry, though — it’ll still bring the burn.


40-Minute Full-Body

If you have time for a longer workout, try this full-body routine that hits every single muscle. You’ll use the wall to slide up and down into squats to work your glutes and thighs, engage your arms and back with some push-ups, and exercise your core with elevated crunches. Who knew your walls could be so useful?


Helen O'Leary, physiotherapist, director at Complete Pilates