The 12 Best Yoga With Adriene Classes For Winding Down At Night

Including blanket yoga (seriously).

The 12 best Yoga With Adriene classes for winding down at night.
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Maybe you were feeling too groggy in the morning to squeeze a workout in, or perhaps want to stretch your body before lying down in bed. One ideal fix for all of your pre-bedtime moods? Simply roll out your yoga mat and move through some of the best Yoga With Adriene bedtime videos to can help you wind down at night.

If you’ve tuned in to her wildly popular YouTube channel before, you already know the yogi has earned her dedicated following for her super-vast range of (free!) flows. Certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler offers quite literally any type of yoga sesh you could dream of. Looking for a yoga class that helps with writer’s block? She’s got it. Want a bendy sequence that gets your blood pumping? And so, it comes as no surprise Mishler also has some really soothing pre-bedtime yoga videos for those nights when you just need a little more calm. Even if you’re not an advanced yogi, you can benefit by taking her classes: They’re for people at all levels (so don’t worry about nailing a headstand).

Whether you’re in the mood for a peaceful stretch before snoozing or a flow that literally incorporates a blanket (comfy yoga FTW), here are 12 Yoga With Adriene bedtime classes to take before catching some quality ZZZs.


Nighttime Wind Down

From low lunges to a nice, long savasana, this slow-moving practice eases you into a more relaxed state. In just 25 minutes of poses, it’s the perfect sesh for winding down before hitting the hay.


Short Wind-Down Practice

If you’re just looking for a quickie flow, this 12-minute routine is for you. The movements are slow and focused but help you create more space and length within your body.


Cozy Flow

Cozy yoga sounds divine, doesn’t it? For this sesh, you use a pillow and blanket for added support and an extra comfy savasana.


Slow Moving Class

This 15-minute long class includes breathing exercises and deep stretches that help calm your mind before getting snug in bed.


Moon Practice

This spiritual practice is only 15 minutes long, making it easy to fit into your nighttime routine. Not only does it include traditional flow poses, but it also brings calming lunar energy after a hectic day.


7-Minute Bedtime Flow

The poses in this 7-minute flow only take place on the mat — no standing necessary — which makes for a perfect sesh you could even do in your pajamas.


Stress Detox

If you had a long day, melt your stresses away as you open up your muscles with this longer 26-minute yoga class so you can go to bed feeling more grounded.


Blanket Yoga

This yoga video takes the cake for winding down at night: Throughout the session, you drape a blanket over your body as you go through slow, mindful movements.


Slow Your Roll Sesh

Since this yoga routine takes place entirely on the floor, you can focus on grounding yourself through gentle stretches. The end of the practice also uses a bolster to provide extra support while resting on your back, so you’ll be primed for getting into bed right after.


Nighttime Stretch

For the night owls out there, you may want something more invigorating before your nighttime routine. In this video, Adriene takes you through deep stretches to find flexibility before you catch some ZZZs.


Grounding Meditation

If you’re in the mood for more meditation and less actual movement, this brings you 17-minutes of guided breathing — a super-relaxing way to end the day.


Peaceful Warrior Class

Skipped your a.m. workout? This peaceful warrior class is perfect for squeezing in exercise, and the fast-paced planks and warrior poses wear you out in the best way possible before bed.