Who Is Shelli's Ex-Husband?

If you're a Big Brother fanatic, then there's no doubt that you're watching Big Brother 17 . The CBS reality show is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to dedicate three nights a week to the series, but you also have to memorize the contestants' names and become acquainted with each personality. It's almost like you are playing in the competition, too, because you have to keep track of everything the house guests say, do, or lie about. Oh, and you know you're totally researching them on Google, especially their pre-Big Brother life. For example, take Big Brother player Shelli Poole. Viewers know she has a showmance with Clay Honeycutt, but fans might want to know more details about Shelli's ex-husband.

Well, if you're hoping to learn more about the elusive ex-husband, here's all I can tell you: Shelli married her now ex at age 28. Then, one year later, she divorced him and soon started dating a childhood friend, according to her bio on the CBS website. However, she is now single and totally mingling with Clay — except for the fact that they haven't even kissed. That's right, Austin and Liz kissed before the original BB17 showmance (even though Liz totally wasn't into it).

Anyway, back to Shelli's ex. He remains a mystery. Shelli hasn't really talked about him, and I have a feeling she won't be dishing any dirt on her former marriage. Until she actually does, all I can offer my fellow BB watchers is some information about her pre-Big Brother 17 life.

She Was In A Sorority

Actually, she was in the same sorority as twins Liz and Julia. They were all part of Zeta Tau Alpha.

She's An Interior Designer

Shelli is an interior designer, who also stages houses for a living. That's not all that she does, because she also has a jewelry shop on Etsy.

She's A Twin & Has A Big Family

That's right, Liz and Julia aren't the only twins the BB household. Shelli is a fraternal twin! Oh, and she is also the middle child of five children. I told you she has a big family.

Will that hold you over until if or when we learn about her former marriage? It should, because her life is so much more than being a divorcée.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy (3)