Get Ready For Epic Maternity Wear On 'TMP'

by Rosie Narasaki

We got a taste of Dr. Mindy Lahiri's maternity style in the second half of last season of The Mindy Project — it was the early days of pregnancy, and featured standouts such as a bedazzled morning sickness bucket, a truly terrible tracksuit, a bodycon dress whose zipper tragically succumbed to the baby bump, and seriously body-positive makeover, courtesy of Laverne Cox (guest-starring as Tamra's cousin). Season 3 definitely had it going on in terms of pregnancy shenanigans, but if Mindy Kaling's epic Instagram account is to be trusted, Season 4's going to be even better (and, God willing, Cox will cameo again someday).

Yeah, Hulu really saved our skins when they picked up TMP for a 26-episode Season 4 — the new season's already shaping up to be amazing. I mean, first off, Freida Pinto and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing fantasy versions of Mindy and Danny in the premiere, and Kunal Nayar will be playing a prospective suitor (a set-up from her parents). Add all that together with Mindy's signature style, and it's going to quite the digital TV event. Among other positive superlatives, it might just be the most fashionable season yet.

After all, the show's writer/producer/star just gave us a glimpse of one of the costumes, and it's to die for — it features a mod, Peter Pan-collared tweed coat paired with a killer orange sheath dress, equally killer orange pumps, and — get this — a Birkin bag (of which Kaling joked via caption, "Jane Birkin may be mad at Hermes, but Mindy Lahiri is not." Check it:

Pretty devastatingly fab, right? It's something of a step up from her brief foray into Adidas tracksuits (even though Mindy looks absolutely adorable in everything, tracksuits included).

I mean, we knew Dr. Lahiri would weather the remainder of her pregnancy with seriously covet-worthy maternity wear, but could any of us have predicted the Jackie Kennedy-level realness we'd be treated to? Let's add this to the official list of reasons why costume designer Salvador Perez deserves his own fashion line (not to mention an Emmy).