7 Stylish Satchels For Fall So You Can Get Preppy Without Actually Going Back To School

Call me a nerd, but I always loved going back to school after the summer, especially if I had a stylish satchel at my side. I couldn't wait to pick new stationary and a new school bag featuring my favorite TV show character or band, but if I could have looked into the future of fashion, I would have picked a satchel for fall every time. It wasn't until I was in my teens and I had gotten well and truly into fashion that I began seeing the humble satchel popping up all over the place.

Satchels were everywhere I looked. They were on the arms of the hottest celebrities like Alexa Chung (who even sported a satchel named after her) and even on my favorite TV shows, like Gossip Girl . I swear they also used satchels on The Worst Witch and in the Harry Potter movies, but I may just have imagined this because satchels would fit in with their aesthetics so well.

A couple of years ago, I received a satchel for my birthday and I just adore it. It came all wrapped up from The Cambridge Satchel company and it even had my initials engraved in silver on the front. You know, just in case it got mixed up with all the other satchels of the world. It's one of my favorite pieces and not only is it functional, but it's also really stylish. I feel like Blair Waldorf whenever I wear it.

So, get ready to go back to school (or the office) in style with this selection of preppy satchels that Blair would be proud of.

1. The Scalloped Satchel

ASOS Large Scallop Satchel, $22, asos.com

Satchels don't have to be androgynous. You can go for a more feminine style such as this one with a sweet, scalloped edge.

2. The '70s Satchel

'70s Leather Satchel, $45, topshop.com

If you wish to cling onto the 1970s summery vibe, then try this forest green satchel on for size.

3. The Scarlet Satchel

Mod Girl Satchel, $15, forever21.com

Make a striking statement with this sumptuous scarlet satchel.

4. The Designer Collaboration Satchel

Navy/Yellow Squiggle 14Inch Satchel, $325, cambridgesatchel.com

If you're a lady who can't live without a designer bag or at the very least, a designer collaboration, then you'll love this quirky satchel — the product of Vivienne Westwood and The Cambridge Satchel Company.

5. The Biker Studded Satchel

Park Lane Studded Leather Bag, $99, asos.com

Come over all biker babe with this awesome, studded satchel.

6. The Holographic Vegan Satchel

Vegan Non-Leather Satchel Shoulder Strap, $60, etsy.com

Give off some galactic space girl vibes with this cosmic, holographic satchel in vegan leather, which is also available in a variety of colors.

7. The Satchel Backpack

The Portrait Backpack, $235, cambridgesatchel.com

This backpack-style satchel is a great investment for ladies who like to bike. If you don't have a bike with a basket, no problem! Just pop this satchel backpack on and you'll be ready for your ride.

Who wouldn't want to go back to school (or work) with one of these babies on their shoulder?

Images: Courtesy Brands; Giphy